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Dance Heritage Coalition

Series Description Table of Contents Series II: Sound Recordings

Chicago Ethnic Arts Project Collection

- Series Description
- Series I: Manuscripts

Series I: Manuscripts
Contents: The manuscript materials provide supporting documentation for the entire project, including the follow-up workshops and the photographic exhibit. Documents pertaining to the planning and administration of these activities are found here. Publications such as books, brochures, articles, maps, and so forth provide background on Chicago and specific ethnic groups. Documentation includes fieldnotes, daily journals, logs describing the content of the photographs and sound recordings made during the fieldwork, and related ephemera. This series also contains summaries and reports on the project, including a final copy of A Report on the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project.

Archive of Folk Culture administrative materials

Folder A-C
The collection register [this document], accession log, original and copy of the collection inventory.


Folder 1-9

Pre-project background materials; project proposal; travel/media budgets; grant agreement; planning correspondence; research schedule; coordinator's appointment book; miscellaneous.

Folder 10-29

Blank contracts; addresses and schedules; contracts and resumes (arranged alphabetically by fieldworker).

Folder 30-41
Actual project expenses

Ledger; bank statements; expenditures; bills; honorariums; coordinator's weekly reports and analyses.

Folder 42-46
Publicity and press releases

Press contacts; correspondence; media coverage.

Folder 47-51

Coordinator's administrative correspondence; between Center and fieldworkers; between fieldworkers and contacts; general/miscellaneous.

Folder 52-57
Project contacts

Lists of possible contacts; address labels; certificate recipients; blank certificates; Consulates in Chicago; Chicago congressmen.

Folder 58
Post-project materials

Notes and documents from the presentation by Alan Jabbour to the Illinois Arts Council.

Collected Publications and Ephemera

Folder 59-67
General information about Chicago--resource individuals and institutions.

Othercontainertype Loose publications.
General information about Chicago

Folder 68-72
General information about Chicago--.ephemera

Folder 73-108
Information on specific ethnic groups

Materials arranged alphabetically by ethnic group.


Folder 109-125

Original fieldnotes arranged alphabetically by fieldworker.

Folder 169-171
Black and white logs

Logs describing black and white images, arranged numerically by roll number and alphabetically by ethnic group; fieldworkers' notes for photo identification.

Folder 172
Color logs

Logs describing color images arranged numerically by holder and alphabetically by ethnic group.

Folder 173-192
Sound recordings--logs

Fieldworkers' sound recording logs (arranged alphabetically); reference and evaluative logs; selected transcribed quotes; annotations for selected sound recordings.

For a list of dance-related sound recordings, see Appendix C.

Folder 193-195
Sound recordings--other

Copy of concordance; tape catalog; miscellaneous.

Reports and Products

Folder 196-210
Fieldworkers' reports

Reports submitted by fieldworkers (arranged alphabetically).

Folder 211-228
Edited manuscripts

Sections of edited report manuscript arranged in final report order.

Folder 229
Final report

A Report on the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project. Complete, bound report prepared by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, January 1978.

For an index of dance related content in the Report by ethnic group, see Appendix A.

Folder 230-234

Project progress report; assessment of sound recordings; artists suitable for festival appearances; report requests; photographic presentation sets.


Folder 235-246
Administrative materials

Proposals; grant agreement; planning; publicity; invitations; mailing lists; correspondence; schedule; handouts; instructors' reports.

Folder 247-254
Participants, miscellaneous notes

Workshop materials (arranged alphabetically by ethnic group).

Photographic Exhibit

Folder 255-269
Exhibit documentation

Proposals; budgets; arrangement; exhibit design; catalog; publicity; reception; travel; correspondence; videocasette logs.

Series Description Table of Contents Series II: Sound Recordings