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Loring, Eugene, 1911-1982. Papers, ca. 1938-1981.

- Index: Eugene Loring Gift - Music

Index: Eugene Loring Gift - Music


Antheil, George.

Capital of the world.

a) Piano-conductor's score (62 p.) Ms., ink, with pencil corrections.

Includes preliminary (?) version of p. 1-3.

Pages labelled "Loring" or "Korn".

b) Pencil sketches for Polka and Perpetual motion. Holograph.

Labelled: For Eugene.

[Choreography: Eugene Loring. Commissioned by WCBS-TV for its Omnibus series, December 1953. First stage performance: Metropolitan Opera House, December 27, 1953, Ballet Theatre.]

Allard, Maurice. (?)

Folkdances of a mythical country. (1971) Movements I, II, & III. Orchestral score (68 leaves) Photostat.

[Ballet. Choreography: Eugene Loring. Music: Maurice Allard, Eugene Loring, and "In a wild sanctuary" by Beaver & Krause (ASCAP) First performance: Irvine, California, Village Theatre, April 21, 1971; produced by the University of California School of Fine Arts and Department of Dance.]

Bowles, Paul Frederic.

The Yankee clipper.

Piano score. Ms. and photostat. various pieces. (Not complete)

("The moon was shining." 1 p. ms., in pencil.

Untitled, 4 p., ms., pencil.

"First voyage." 4 p. ms.

6 "Second voyage." p. 31-37 (photostat)

Untitled, p. 106-108 (photostat)

[Ballet. Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance: Saybrook, Conn., Town Hall, July 12, 1937; Ballet Caravan.]

Brant, Henry.

City portrait. Ballet. 1939.

2-piano score (40 p.) 4 photocopies. of ins.

(a) Loring copy.

(b) Arthur Gold's copy.

(c) Copy 3.

(d) Copy 4 (photostat, negative)

piano score (39 p.) photostat. Signed at end: St. Johns, Newfoundland, New York City, July, August, 1959.

[Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance: New York, St. James Theatre, December 28, 1939, Ballet Caravan.]

Brant, Henry.

Great American goof. Ballet by William Saroyan. Music by Henry Brant.

piano score.

(a) Bound copy of complete piano score. Ms., ink or pencil, and photostat.

(b) Incomplete copy, unbound. Includes variants of some sections. At end: November 20-Dec. 9, 1959, New York City.

[Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance: New York, City Center, January 11, 1940; Ballet Theatre.]

Britten, Benjamin.

Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge. Britten-McPhee.

2-piano score (77 p.) Photocopy, with pencil notes.

(a) Walter Hendl's copy.

(b) Arthur Gold's copy.

[Used for the ballet Jinx. Choreography: Lew Christensen. Music arranged by Cohn McPhee. First performance: New York, National Theatre, April 24, 1942; Eugene Loring's Dance Players. May also have been the score intended to be used for Eugene Loring's The invisible wife, announced by the Dance Players for their spring 1942 season, but never produced.

Copland, Aaron.

Billy the Kid. 1938.

2-piano score (63 p.) Photocopy of holograph. 3 copies.

(Copy 2 has Fernando Alonso's name and address at top of p. 1. Copy 3 is a xerox of copy 2.)

[Ballet. Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance; Chicago, Opera House, October 16, 1938; Ballet Caravan.]

Dello Joio, Norman.

The duke of Sacramento.

2-piano score (100 1.)

(a) Ms., ink.

(b) Photocopy, with pencil annotations. On cover, in ink: To Gene -- "The best there is, as friend and collaborator." Norman.

Includes sheet (1 leaf) at end, pencil ms. sketch.

[Ballet. Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance: New Hope, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1942; Eugene Loring's Dance Players.]

Dello Joio, Norman.

Sinfonietta, arranged for 2 pianos.

(a) 2-piano score (47 p.) Holograph (?), ink.

(b) 2-piano score (47, 10-11 p.) 4 photocopies.

(Copy 1 has choreographic annotations in pencil.

Copy 2, Arthur Gold'5 copy.

Copy 3, Walter Hendl's copy.

Copy 4, pencil annotations for instrumentation.)

[Used for the ballet Prairie. Choreography: Eugene Loring. Music: Norman Dello Jojo's Sinfonietta, arranged for 2 pianos by the composer. First performance: Washington, D. C., National Theatre, April 23, 1942; Eugene Loring's Dance Players.]

Milhaud, Darius.

Moise. Moses. [op. 219] Ballet symphonique. Scenario de Winthrop Bushnell Palmer. Musique de Darius Milhaud. 1940. Reduction pour piano a quatre mains.

(a) Holograph ins., ink, of piano, 4 hands, score (23 p.) Signed at end: Milhaud, Oakland (Cal.) 25 aout/7 Sept 1940.

(b) Piano, 4 hands, score. Ms., ink. (58 p.) At bottom of p. 1: The Ballet Theatre, 1940.

(c) Piano, 4 hands1 score (58 p.) photocop~ of ms. (b) Stamped at bottom of p. 1: The Ballet Theatre. On cover: Pianist copy.

[Intended for Eugene Loring's ballet Man from Midian. Commissioned by Ballet Theatre, but never produced. Announced as a production for the first season of Loring's Dance Players. The ballet was actually produced with a commissioned score by Stefan Wolpe. First performance: Washington, D. C., National Theatre, April 5, 1942, Dance Players.]

Ruggles, Carl.

Sun-treader. 30 orchestral parts, ms., ink, cut out & pasted on staff paper. Parts for Vln I (4), yin II (3), violas (3), cellos (2), basses (2), bassoon I, contra-bassoon, oboe, clar I in Bb, bass clarinet in Bb, flute I, piccolo, English horn, horns I-Il, trumpet I-II, trombone, bass trombone, percussion, piano/celeste.

[Used for the ballet The sisters. Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance: Lee, Massachusetts, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, July 12, 1966, San Diego Ballet.]

Scarlatti, Domenico.

Earleguin for president. Music by Scarlatti, arranged for two pianos by Trude Rittmann.

(a) 2-piano score (24 p.) Ms. (master) First 24 p. of score only. Includes Overture, 3 p., ms., ink, and photostat (negative)

(b) 2-piano score (3, 46 p.) Photocopies in black binders. 3 copies. (One copy is Arthur Gold's copy.)

(c) Piano score (various pages, printed and ins.) used by arranger.

[Ballet. Choreography by Eugene Loring. First performance: Bennington, Vermont, July 17, 1956, Ballet Caravan.]

Ward-Steinman, David.

These three.

orchestral score (133 p.) photocopy of holograph.

On cover: Original score and notes, Eugene Loring ballet, "These three," premiered 1966, Robert Joffrey, New York City Center Company.

On p. [1]: "For Mickey Schwerner, James Chaney, Andy Goodman -- These three." Signed at end: 30 June-10 Aug 66. Score: 8/29/66.

Duration: 28 mm.

[Commissioned score for the ballet These three. Choreography: Eugene Loring. First performance: New York, City Center, September 13, 1966; City Center Joffrey Ballet. Story based on the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi.]

Arnell, Richard.

Prelude and presto. 1942.

piano score (12 p.) Reproduction of ms.

On p. 12, in ink: First performance, CBS in New York, June 1942, Vera Brodsky, pianist.

Signed at end: New York, June 10th, 1942.

[Not known if used by Eugene Loring for one of his ballets.]

Kraft, William.

Theme and variations, for percussion quartet. 1956.

score (25 p.) Reproduction of ms.

[Not known if used by Eugene Loring for one of his ballets.]

Murray, Edward.

Concert march in F major, for piano. c1942.

piano score (8 p.) photocopy, with ink corrections, of ms.

[Not known if used by Eugene Loring for one of his ballets.]


Sheet (2 p.) of tunes, including the Internationale. Ms., pencil.


Barber, Samuel.

Souvenirs. (Ballet suite) op. 28. Arranged for one piano by the composer. [New York] G. Schirmer, 1953. Publ. no.: 42918.

piano score (3-35 leaves) proof pages, with ink and pencil corrections.

(Contents: Waltz, Schottische, Pas de deu.x, Two-step, Hesitation tango, Galop)

[Not known if used by Eugene Loring for one of his ballets.]

Bartók, Béla.

Music for string instruments, percussion and celesta. Boosey & Hawkes, 1964.

miniature score (144 p.)

[Extensive choreographic notes in pencil throughout. Probably the score used for Eugene Loring's ballet Time unto time, produced April 5, 1980 by the Oakland Ballet.]

Copland, Aaron.

Symphony for organ and orchestra. Organ part edited and piano reduction of the orchestra by Melville Smith. Boosey & Hawkes, c1962. 62 p.

[Choreographic notes, in pencil. Not known if used by Eugene Loring for one of his ballets.]

Orff, Carl.

Catulli Carmina, ludi scaenici. Mainz, B. Schott's Sohne, 1955.

(a) study score (76 p.) With choreographic notes, in pencil.

(b) piano-vocal score (75 p.) [c1943]

[Produced with choreography by Eugene Loring on April 12, 1969 by the School of Fine Arts at the University of California, Irvine.]

Poulenc, Francis.

Gloria, for soprano solo, choeur mixte et orchestre. Partition piano et chant. Paris, Editions Salabert, 1960.

piano-vocal score (57 p.) With choreographic notes, in pencil.

[Performed with choreography by Eugene Loring at the Garden Grove (California) Community Church by the Irvine Master Chorale and the Dance Players, Junior Company of the Los Angeles Dance Theatre, on December 3, 1970.]

Separated Material Table of Contents