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 Series I: Professional Photographs, 1937-1994 and n.d. Table of Contents Series III:  Oversize Photographs, ca. 1920s-1994 and n.d.

Robbins (Jerome) Photographs, ca. 1890-1990

- Series Descriptions/Container List
- Series II: Personal Photographs, ca. 1900s-1990s

Series II: Personal Photographs, ca. 1900s–1990s

8 boxes
This series contains photographs representing Jerome Robbins' personal and family life. Portraits shows images of Robbins ranging from his very earliest childhood and ending in the 1990s, ranging from professional photographers taking studio images to friends and family taking a photograph in a more relaxed atmosphere. His family is represented from images that range from his relatives in Russian in the 1890s to his sister, Sonia, and her grandchildren in the 1990s. The images of his friends are a mix of the personal and the professional and cover all aspects of his life. Robbins' homes, particularly those on Long Island, are well represented and include photographs of his friends at his various residences.

Sub-series 1 - Jerome Robbins Portraits, 1920-1990s

2 boxes
Arrangement: Chronological
The portraits range from Robbins early childhood in photographs taken by his family until the 1990s, represented by two images taken in New York City. Many professional photographers have taken his image over the years, most importantly Richard Avedon in the late 1940s and 1970s and Slim Aaron in the 1950s. Robbins' friend and photographer Jesse Gerstein took a series of photographs in the 1980s. The 1930s have images from Camp Kittatinny where Robbins first began to perform as a teenager and represent the earliest performance photographs of him.

Box 51 - Folder 1 - 2
Childhood, ca. 1920 - 1936
Photographs also include Harry, Lena and Sonia Robbins, and George, a cousin.

Box 51 - Folder 3
Young Adult, ca. 1936 - 1939
Photographs also feature Sonia Robbins, as well as images from Camp Kittatinny and outside the theatre where Great Lady played.

Box 51 - Folder 4 - 6
Photographs include images taken at Camp Tamiment, Fire Island, and Laredo, Texas, in the rehearsals ofFacsimile, and on the beach with his niece. Photographers include Richard Avedon, Marcus Blechman, Melton - Pippin, Maurice Seymour and Alfredo Valente.

Box 51 - Folder 7 - 9
Photographs include images taken at Idlewilde, Manhasset, Nantucket, and Snedon's Landing. Photographers include Slim Aarons, Yves Bizien, Robert Freson, Friedman - Abeles, Henry Grossman, Samuel Lurie, Magnum Photos, Inc., Pan American World Airways, Photo Pic, Martha Swope, and Herbert Tobias.

Box 52 - Folder 1
Photographs include images taken in Japan, predominantly Kyoto, and Paris. Photographers include Angus McBean, Roddy McDowall, Masahiko Nakamura, I. Ostrovsky, Enar Merkel Rydberg, V. Sladon, and Van Williams.

Box 52 - Folder 2
Photographs include images taken in New York City, Southampton, and Paris. Photographers include Richard Avedon, Bill Earle and Henry Grossman.

Box 52 - Folder 3 - 4
Photographs include images taken at the Big Apple Circus, Paris Opera, and en route to Miami and in the USSR. Photographers include Jesse Gerstein, Lee Snider, Martha Swope, and Rodolphe Torette.

Box 52 - Folder 5
Two images taken in New York City.

Sub-series 2 - Family, ca. 1890-1990s

2 boxes
The family photographs consist of one box of the family arranged by family member and one box of family member arranged as children, men, women, and groups. The specific family members represented are Jerome Robbins' father, Harry, his mother, Lena, his stepmother, Frieda, his sister, Sonia Cullinen, his grandmother, Ida Rips and an uncle, Sam Rabinowitz. Included with Sonia Cullinen are her husband and children and grandchildren. There are images in the collection that date from ca. 1890s and represent members of Jerome Robbins' family in Russia before they came to America. There are also many images of Ripa women, Robbins' aunts, and photographs of businesses that Robbins' father was involved in through the years.

Box 53 - Folder 1 - 2
Harry Robbins, ca. 1900 - 1974
Photographs include images of Harry with Jerome Robbins and with Harry's grandchildren. Locations include Bradley Beach. Photographers include Mandel Kern, Materne, Standard Photograph Co., and Sol Young.

Box 53 - Folder 3
Lena Robbins, ca. 1910 - 1950s
Photographs include images of Lena with her parents and other relatives. Photographers include G. Dobkin Studios.

Box 53 - Folder 4 - 5
Harry and Lena Robbins, ca. 1910s - 1950s
Photographs include Harry and Lena with Ida Rips, Jerome Robbins, and other relatives. Images include trips to Europe, Israel, and a Mediterranean cruise aboard the S.S. Constitution. Photographers include Blakemore Studios, Rembrandt Studios, Sharin Studios, and Standard Photograph Co.

Box 53 - Folder 6
Harry and Frieda Robbins ca. 1960s - 1970s
Photographs include Jerome Robbins and various other relatives and images taken at Bradley Beach, Sneden's Landing, in London, and during the run of West Side Story. Photographers include Henry Grossman.

Box 53 - Folder 7 - 8
Sonia Cullinen, ca. 1910s - 1990s
Photographs include images of Sonia with Jerome Robbins and various other relatives and images of Sonia as a young dancer. Photographers include Bromberg Studios. Folders also include the images of Sonia's husband George, children, step - children, and grandchildren and include Switzerland vacation pictures and Sonia's 75 birthday party.

Box 53 - Folder 9
Ida Rips, n.d.

Box 53 - Folder 10
Sam Rabinowitz, 1918

Box 54 - Folder 1
Children, Individuals and Groups, ca. 1900s - 1920s
Photographers include Rembrandt Studios.

Box 54 - Folder 2
Men, Individuals and Groups, ca. 1900s - 1940s

Box 54 - Folder 3
Women, Individuals and Groups, ca. 1900s - 1950s
Photographs include the Ripa sisters, including images from Margate City, NJ. Photographers include Rothman's Studio.

Box 54 - Folder 4 - 7
Groups, ca. 1900s - 1950s
Some photographs have identifications of family members in large group shots. Photographers include Blakemore Studios, G. Dobkin Studios, Mandel Kern, and Sibi Photo Service.

Sub-series 3 - Friends, 1923-1991 and n.d.

2 boxes
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series of friends contains friends both of a personal and a more professional nature, as well as the occasional motion picture or dance still, such as that of Charlie Chaplin or Felia Doubrovska. Jerome Robbins himself took some of the photographs of his friends. Some of these photographs are signed to him. Images of Jerome Robbins' dogs are at the end of this series.

Box 55 - Folder 1
Tommy Abbott, n.d.
Photographs also include Patricia Dunn, Buzz Miller, and Jerome Robbins. Photographers include David Buckland and Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 2
Jerome Andrews, 1938; n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 3
George Balanchine, n.d.
Photographs also include Diana Adams, Tanaquil Le Clercq, Nicholas Magallanes, Richard Rapp, and Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 4
Irina Baranova, 1980; n.d.
Photographs also include Jerome Robbins. Photographed by Steven Caras and Andrée Vilas.

Box 55 - Folder 5
Mikhail Baryshnikov, n.d.
Photographed by Bob Deutsch.

Box 55 - Folder 6
Ronald Bates, n.d.
Photographed by Martha Swope.

Box 55 - Folder 7
Lee Becker, 1957
Photographs also include Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 8
Louis Begley, 1989
Photographed at a Paris party with Jerome Robbins and Opéra de Paris dancers.

Box 55 - Folder 9
Muriel Bentley, n.d.
Includes photographs taken at Sneden's Landing.

Box 55 - Folder 10
Irving Berlin, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 11
Leonard Bernstein, 1964
Signed. Photograph taken by Berko.

Box 55 - Folder 12
Dicran Biberian, 1984
Photograph taken at Biberian's art exhibition and also includes Aidan Mooney and Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 13
Jane Bowles, n.d.
Cut from a magazine.

Box 55 - Folder 14
Richard Buckle, n.d.
Photographs also include Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 15
Charlie Chaplin, n.d.
motion picture stills.

Box 55 - Folder 16
Betty Comden, 1967
Signed, and includes Comden's husband Steve Kyle.

Box 55 - Folder 17
Christine Conrad, n.d.
Photographs also include Jerome Robbins in Bridgehampton.

Box 55 - Folder 18
Jacques d'Amboise, n.d.
Photographs taken at d'Amboise's wedding to Carolyn George.

Box 55 - Folder 19
Alexandra Danilova, n.d.
Signed, and also includes Jerome Robbins. Photographs taken by Radford Bascome and Maurice Seymour.

Box 55 - Folder 20
Francoise and Oscar de la Renta, n.d.
Photographs also feature Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 21
Anton Dolin, 1947 n.d.
Signed, and also features Vincenzo Celli and George Zoritch.

Box 55 - Folder 22
Felia Doubrovska, 1923 - 1979
In costume forApollan Musagète , Les Biches, Les Noces andThe Prodigal Son. Photographed by James Abbé, Gerald S. Ackerman, and Iris, Paris.

Box 55 - Folder 23
Dudleston, Penny, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 24
Patricia Dunn, n.d.
Includes shots taken in Italy.

Box 55 - Folder 25
Ertegun (Mica and Ahmet) parties, 1981 - 1984
Photographs also feature Francoise de la Renta and Jerome Robbins, including shots taken at the Ertegun house in Southampton.

Box 55 - Folder 26
Robert Fizdale and Arthur Gold, n.d.
Photographs also feature Samuel Barber and Jerome Robbins, some taken at Sneden's Landing.

Box 55 - Folder 27
Margot Fonteyn, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 28
Jesse Gerstein, 1980-1989
Photographs also feature Richard Dow and Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 29
Adolph Green, n.d.
Photograph also features Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 30
Isabelle Guérin, 1991
Photographs from Paris Opéra party and also feature Jerome Robbins

Box 55 - Folder 31
Kitty Hawks, 1953 n.d.
Photographs include Jerome Robbins and Kitty at Manhasset.

Box 55 - Folder 32
Rosella Hightower, n.d.
Signed. Photographed by Maurice Seymour.

Box 55 - Folder 33
Howard Jeffrey, n.d.
Photographs also include Jerome Robbins and Howard in Chicago during run of West Side Story.

Box 55 - Folder 34
Nora Kaye, 1942 - 1950s
Photographs include Nora and Jerome Robbins in Columbus, Miss. Photographers include Constantine Photo and Alfredo Valente.

Box 55 - Folder 35
Slim Keith, 1950s - 1985
Photographs also feature Jerome Robbins, including Bill Buckley's 1st Bach concert. Photographers include Jan Lukas.

Box 55 - Folder 36
Larry Kert, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 37
Michael Kidd, n.d.
Taken aboard the Queen Mary on the way to London.

Box 55 - Folder 38
Jerzy Kosinski, 1989
Taken at Jerome Robbins' birthday party.

Box 55 - Folder 39
John Kriza, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 40
Arthur Laurents, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 41
Tanaquil Le Clercq, 1949 - 1977
Photographs taken in New York City, Sneden's Landing, and Europe.

Box 55 - Folder 42
Sondra Lee, n.d.
Photograph also features Jerome Robbins.

Box 55 - Folder 43
Pat Lehrman, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 44
Bella Lewitsky, n.d.
Photographed by Leo Salkin.

Box 55 - Folder 45
Serge Lifar, 1959
Photographed by Lara Reina.

Box 55 - Folder 46
Eugene Loring, 1939 - 1940

Box 55 - Folder 47
Nicholas Magallanes, n.d.
Photographs also features Jacque d'Amboise and Jerome Robbins. Photographed by Saul Goodman.

Box 55 - Folder 48
Mary Martin, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 49
Peter McDaniels, n.d.

Box 55 - Folder 50
Nancy McGill, 1994

Box 55 - Folder 51
Brian Meehan, 1985
Photographs taken at St. Barts.

Box 55 - Folder 52
Allen Midgette, n.d.
Photographers include Herbert List.

Box 55 - Folder 53
Buzz Miller, 1950s
Locations of photographs include California, Connecticut, and Italy. Photographers include Peter Lawrence.

Box 55 - Folder 54
Troy Myers, 1989
Photograph also features Troy's mother and Jerome Robbins.

Box 56 - Folder 1
Duncan Noble, 1941 - 1942
Photograph also features Jerome Robbins, taken in Mexico. Photographed by Andrée Vilas.

Box 56 - Folder 2
Baiko Onal, 1964
Photograph taken at a Kabuki theatre.

Box 56 - Folder 3
Sono Osato, 1980; n.d.
Photographs also feature Muriel Bentley, Sono's husband, and Jerome Robbins, one signed. Photographers include Steven Caras and Alfredo Valenti.

Box 56 - Folder 4
Brian Otis, n.d.

Box 56 - Folder 5
Muriel Resnik, 1955 - 1965
Photographs taken at house on 74th Street.

Box 56 - Folder 6
Chita Rivera, 1950s - 1987
Photographs also feature Tony Mordente, taken at his wedding to Chita, and Jerome Robbins. Photographers include Cliff Lipson. A photograph taken during run of West Side Story and another photograph includes note from Chita.

Box 56 - Folder 7
Jean Rosenthal, n.d.

Box 56 - Folder 8
Donald Saddler, 1947; n.d.
Photographs also feature Jerome Robbins and include shot taken at Jones Beach.

Box 56 - Folder 9
Ben Shahn, 1958
Photograph also features Jerome Robbins, taken at Spoleto.

Box 56 - Folder 10
Anna Sokolow, 1973
Photograph taken at a reception for Martha Graham at Lincoln Center.

Box 56 - Folder 11
Stephen Sondheim, n.d.

Box 56 - Folder 12
Milko Sparemblek, 1959
Photographed by Lara Reina.

Box 56 - Folder 13
Igor Stravinsky, n.d.
Photographs also feature George Balanchine. Photographers include Gene Fenn and Arnold Newman. Two photographs signed by Stravinsky.

Box 56 - Folder 14
Jule Styne, 1979
Photographs also feature Jerome Robbins, taken at Sardi's.

Box 56 - Folder 15
Jennifer Tipton, 1989
Photographs taken in Paris at Louis Begley party, also feature Jerome Robbins.

Box 56 - Folder 16
Helene Veola, n.d.

Box 56 - Folder 17
Mary Wigman, 1962

Box 56 - Folder 18
Men, unidentified, n.d.
One signed. Photographers include Marcus Blechman, Bruno of Hollywood, Murray Kass, and Hans Wild.

Box 56 - Folder 19
Women, unidentified, n.d.
Some signed.

Box 56 - Folder 20
Groups, unidentified, 1950s - 1970
Some signed. Photographers include Murray Kass.

Box 56 - Folder 21

Sub-series 4 - Homes, 1960s-1991 and n.d.

1 box
This series consists of images taken at and of various residences of Jerome Robbins. They include a Park Avenue apartment, 117 E. 81 Street, Bridgehampton, Sneden's Landing, and Watermill, New York, as well as an apartment in Paris and one in Spoleto. Several acquaintances and neighbors of Robbins appear in many of the photographs, such as Ahmet Ertegun, Robert Fizdale and Arthur Gold, George Plimpton, and Lee Radizwill. Some of the photographs of the buildings were taken for insurance purposes and detail such events as storm damage or construction.

Box 57 - Folder 1
Park Avenue apartment, New York City, n.d.

Box 57 - Folder 2 - 3
117 E. 81 St., New York City, 1960s - 1980s
Includes construction and finished, furnished shots.

Box 57 - Folder 4 - 7
Bridgehampton and Southampton, New York, 1979 - 1991
Photographs feature Ahmet Ertegun, Mica Ertegun, Jesse Gerstein, Suzanne Farrell, Robert Fizdale, Arthur Gold, Earl McGrath, George Plimpton, Lee Radizwill, Jerome Robbins, and David Seidner. Includes storm damage photographs. One photograph taken at Parrish Museum, Southampton.

Box 57 - Folder 8 - 13
Sneden's Landing, New York, 1962 -1975; n.d.
Includes photographs taken during parties at Sneden's Landing with Jerome Robbins and various friends and the Tapley children, Katie, Beth, and Sarah. Photographers include Bill Earle.

Box 57 - Folder 14 - 16
Watermill, New York, 1969 - 1986
Photographs include Eugenia Doll, Jesse Gerstein, Jerome Robbins, and Karin von Aroldingen, some images taken at a party for Paris Opéra Ballet.

Box 57 - Folder 17
Paris apartment, 1990

Box 57 - Folder 18
Spoleto apartment, 1984

Sub-series 5 - Artistic, ca. 1896-1986 and n.d

1 box
The artistic photographs consist of slides of artwork from a museum, a Richard Avedon photograph, Jerome Robbins' own photographs of crowd scenes, and assorted other photographs, including an image of Leo Tolstoy, collected by Jerome Robbins.

Box 58 - Folder 1
Museum visit, 1986
Slides of artwork from an unidentified museum.

Box 58 - Folder 2
Richard Avedon photograph, n.d.

Box 58 - Folder 3
Jerome Robbins photographs, n.d.
Photographs of boys in Central Park and crowd scenes, probably at St. Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, New York City.

Box 58 - Folder 4
Unidentified photographs, ca. 1896 - 1950s
Photographs include image of Leo Tolstoy.

Sub-series 5 - Galas and Awards, 1946-1994 and n.d. Table of Contents Series III:  Oversize Photographs, ca. 1920s-1994 and n.d.