St. Denis (Ruth) Letters, ca. 1914-1959


This Search Screen allows you to perform targeted searches on specific types of phrases within the text of this finding aid. For example, by clicking on the down arrow on the left of the "IN" you can select to search for titles of choreographic works, corporate names (i.e. the name of a dance company), or personal names (i.e. the name of an individual dancer). Alternatively you can select to search within a specific section of the finding aid (i.e. the "Container List" or the "Scope and Content" section)





Within the detailed list of the Dance Heritage Coalition finding aids most personal names, corporate names and titles of choreographic works have been marked to allow for specific searching. Targeted searches should direct you to specific materials about a person a company or a choreographic work.

Searching within the Scope and Content section of the finding aid(s) will allow you to identify terms that have been used by the archivist to describe the contents of the overall collection, providing context to the materials. Terms mentioned in the Scope and Content should generally imply that the overall collection has significant material relating to those terms (persons, companies, subjects, etc.).

Searching the container list, rather, will indicate individual folders or items that may contain information or related materials. This information, however, may not be extensive and its significance is not indicated by the term's presence (i.e. it may be a single letter or brief note from a person or a single program or group of programs for a company or theatre).

In addition to specific queries, this search engine has a powerful query language. Searches in this language can be executed whenever a Search box appears on your screen. See Help for additional information on more advanced searching (proximity, boolean, etc.).