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Weidman (Charles) School of Modern Dance, Inc. Records, 1918-1975 [Bulk dates 1967-1972]

- Historical Note

Historical Note

The Charles Weidman School of Modern Dance Inc., a non-profit organization was established on July 28, 1969, from a donation by Nik Vanoff a one-time member of the Weidman Theatre Dance Company. The organization combined the already established Theatre Dance Company and Expression of Two Arts (with calligraphist and sculptor, Mikhail Santaro). Weidman became the artistic director of the newly created organization. Linda Mann Reed became the Executive Vice President.

In 1972 the name was changed to the Charles Weidman Foundation. This was done to help secure more grant funding. The rationale being that "schools" are not easily funded.

During the early 1970s, the foundation, as it was commonly referred to, was ambitiously working to revive and preserve, through film and notation, dances from the Humphrey/Weidman era as well as Weidman's solo work of the 1950s and 1960s.

Weidman died on July 15, 1975, however The Charles Weidman Dance Foundation, continued staging pieces by Doris Humphrey and preserving Weidman's choreographic legacy into the mid-1980s.

Administration Information Table of Contents Scope and Content Note