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Lester Horton Dance Theater Collection

- Teaching Materials

Series IV:

Teaching Materials
Physical Description:
Contents: The teaching materials in the Collection consist of typewritten and handwritten manuscripts that describe the courses, classes, and dance technique offered primarily through Dance Theater. They are arranged by subject in the following order: Course Descriptions/Outlines, Lecture Demonstrations, Technique Descriptions, Lesson Plans and Course Outlines, and Labanotation of Technique. The course descriptions, developed by Horton and others, summarize the goals, objectives, and material covered in classes on dance technique (multiple levels), art history, theater practice, and so forth. The materials on lecture demonstrations such as "Introduction to the Dance" include Horton's notes and outlines of the programs he presented to educate the public on dance and his technique. The teaching materials also include lesson plans, course outlines, and technique descriptions (including Labanotation) by Carmen de Lavallade and other Horton disciples.

Course descriptions/outlines

Box 9 - Folder 1
Adult workshop

Box 9 - Folder 2
Advanced professional technique

Box 9 - Folder 3
Advanced technique

Box 9 - Folder 4
Art history II

Box 9 - Folder 5

Box 9 - Folder 6
Choreography workshop

Box 9 - Folder 7

Box 9 - Folder 8
Dance research

Box 9 - Folder 9
Design for dance production II/Theater design II

Box 9 - Folder 10
Elementary progression

Box 9 - Folder 11
Fundamentals technique

Box 9 - Folder 12
Intermediate technique

Box 9 - Folder 13

Box 9 - Folder 14
Movement for actors

Box 9 - Folder 15
Theatrical practise

Lecture demonstrations

Box 9 - Folder 16
Introduction to the dance

Box 9 - Folder 17
Children's lecture-demonstration

Technique descriptions

Box 9 - Folder 18
By others

Lesson plans and course outlines

Box 9 - Folder 19
By others

Box 9 - Folder 20
Labanotation of technique

 Production Materials Table of Contents  Publicity