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Dance Heritage Coalition

Series X.  Books/Manuscripts by EK Table of Contents

King (Eleanor) Papers, 1931-1991

- Series XI. Miscellaneous

Series XI. Miscellaneous

Box 29 - Folder 438
Inventory of EK Seattle studio 1950

Box 29 - Folder 439
List of books given to Cross-Cultural Dance Resources

Box 29 - Folder 440
Booklet, "A Celebration of 100 Years of Dance in Washington"

Box 29 - Folder 441
Booklet of Literature Club (with drawings of EK)

Box 29 - Folder 442
Appraisals of Korean artwork

Box 29 - Folder 443
Orders/receipts for books Kagura and Bugaku

Box 29 - Folder 444
Modern dance "tree" chart

Box 29 - Folder 445
Cards with Japanese writing, signatures

Separated Material

The following items were received with the original gift but have been separated from the manuscript collection. The current location of these items (as of April 1994) is indicated.

In the following Separation List, EK refers to Eleanor King.
Artwork by EK
Rose/Aisle 2:J:4
Audiorecordings (see attached list at end of Folder List)
Rogers & Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound
Audiotapes (see attached list at end of Folder List)
in process
in process
Flyers, brochures
in process
Hong Kong International Dance Conference, 1990 Papers, Directory
in process
Magazines: Attitudes and Arabesques 1983-86 *MGZA

Manuscripts, The Way of Japanese Dance archive copy submission copy RESTRICTED *MGZMB 90-4254

Manuscripts, The Way of Japanese Dance, submission copy RESTRICTED

Newsletter: CORD
in process
Newsletter: DCA News spring 1986
in process
Newsletter: Doris Humphrey Society Sept. 1990
in process
Newsletter: Jones-Ludin Newsletter 1981-82, 1986
in process
Newsletter: Limon News Nov. 1990
in process
Newsletter: Northwest D'Arts Feb. 1978
in process
Photographs, slides
in process
1 photograph of Doris Humphrey *MGZEA

Programs Rose/Aisle 2:J:4

Scrapbooks *MGZRS

Videotape: "Hiroto Izuno Dance Company" 9-16-1984 *MGZIA 4-1348

Series X.  Books/Manuscripts by EK Table of Contents