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Scrapbooks, 1933-92. Table of Contents Art Work, 1933-91

Nirenska (Pola) Collection

- Description of Series
- Photographic Materials, 1930-92.

Photographic Materials

Box 12-21

Photographic Materials, 1930-92.

Photographic materials comprise the bulk of the collection, spanning the 1930s to 1992. The series is divided into three subseries: photoprints, negatives, and slides by Nirenska. Photoprints are divided further into prints of Nirenska alone; those of other people; those by Nirenska; those by David Hasamatsu; and those housed in albums. Prints are black-and-white and are 8 x 10 inches or less in size unless noted otherwise. Works choreographed for dance solo are found in "Nirenska alone;" group works with Nirenska as a performer are located in "Nirenska with others;" and group works not including Nirenska are found in "Other people."

The prints of Nirenska alone are made up of both publicity and informal shots. Included are early solo works such as Eastern ballad, Felina -- catty woman, A scarecrow remembers, and Unwanted child. There are also prints of Nirenska as a model in England. Other publicity and informal shots are contained in the sub-subseries of Nirenska with others. Of particular interest are photographs with Mary Wigman and of works such as Departures, American folk suite, and Shakespearean suite. Prints of others are publicity and informal portraits and late works by Nirenska without her as a performer. In addition to portraits of dance personalities, there are photographs of the artist Felix Topolski. The sub-subseries of prints by Nirenska documents her output during her photographic interlude (1967-1980). A few autographed prints of winter scenes by David Hasamatsu comprise the next sub-subseries; the last division of prints is made up of disassembled photograph albums spanning the years 1977 to 1988. The albums contain photographs of Nirenska's travels, family, friends, and pets.

Negatives are arranged in three sections: those of Nirenska alone; those of others; and those by Nirenska. The negatives are all black-and-white and 35 millimeters in size unless noted otherwise; dates are given when known. The first sub-subseries is publicity shots of Nirenska's early solo works. Negatives of others and negatives by Nirenska are similar to the corresponding photoprints sub-subseries. Materials are not cross-referenced.

Slides by Nirenska in the collection are color slides from her photographic interlude period. They are arranged by subject except for a few titled works.

Scrapbooks, 1933-92. Table of Contents Art Work, 1933-91