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Albert, Octavia V. Rogers
The House of Bondage



THE following pages, giving the result of conversations and other information gathered, digested, and written by Mrs. Octavia V. Rogers, deceased wife of the Rev. A. E. P. Albert, A.M.D.D., first appeared in the columns of the South-western Christian Advocate some months after her death, as a serial story, under the name of The House of Bondage . It was received with such enthusiasm and appreciation that no sooner was the story concluded that letters poured in upon the editor from all directions, urging him to put it in book form, so as to preserve it as a memorial of the author, as well as for its intrinsic value as a history of negro slavery in the Southern States, of its overthrow, and of the mighty and far-reaching results derived therefrom.

No special literary merit is claimed for the work. No special effort was made in that direction; but as partoramic exhibition of slave life, emancipatier, and be subsequent results, the story herein given, with all the facts brought out, as each one speaks for himself

and in his own way, is most interesting and life-like.

The conversations herein given are not imaginary, but actual, and given as they actually occurred. No one can read these pages without realizing the fact that "truth is often stranger than fiction." As such we present it to the public as an unpretentious contribution to an epoch in American history that will more and more rivet the attention of the civilized world as the years roll around.

An only daughter unites with the writer in sending out these pages penned by a precious and devoted mother and wife, whose angelic spirit is constantly seen herein, and whose subtle and holy influence seems to continue to guide and protect both in the path over which they since they have had to travel without the presence and cheer of her inspiring countenance.

To her sacred memory these pages, the result of her efforts, are affectionately inscribed.

A. E. P. Albert
Laura T.F. Albert

Editorial Rooms
South-western Christian Advocate
New Orleans, La. , November 15, 1890.

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