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    THE RESIDENCE OF MY FATHER.   Table of Contents     FORGET ME NOT.

Plato, Ann



" Why art thou dull and dreary"?
I ask'd a lonely man,
Why is thy look thus sad?
Thy countenance thus wan?
Do you for country pine?
Does care now wound your breast?
Are you with grief oppress'd?
Of friends and hope bereft?

Does memory love to linger
With bright and joyous hours,
That brings a gleam of happiness,
Ere life around you lowers?
And think a dream all useful
That lingers round the past;
And brings bright images to view,
Of joys that cannot last?

Are you remote from home,
Upon a stranger shore?
A suffering son of Italy?
And delt with as of yore?
Have you upon the battle field,
Beheld your brothers' cries?
Ah! then upon the slaughter'd land,
Behold him,--there he dies!

He paused, and solemnly did he
Upturn his holy eyes;
Thou hast not had one solemn thought;
I mourn for kindred skies.
I mourn for sin and death alone,
It does my frame oppress.
I think of all the heavenly joys,
Although I can't possess.

From thence, I turn'd about to think,
And overwhelme'd in grief,
I felt the heavy load oppress.
O! speed me quick relief!

    THE RESIDENCE OF MY FATHER.   Table of Contents     FORGET ME NOT.