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    MY FAVORITE POEMS   Table of Contents     Verses

Burton, Annie L.
Memories of childhood's slavery days

- Verses


On a green slope, most fragrant with the Spring,
One sweet, fair day I planted a red rose,
That grew, beneath my tender nourishing,
So tall, so riotous of bloom, that those
Who passed the little valley where it grew
Smiled at its beauty. All the air was sweet
About it! Still I tended it, and knew
That he would come, e'en as it grew complete.

And a day brought him! Up I led him, where
In the warm sun my rose bloomed gloriously--
Smiling and saying, Lo, is it not fair!
And all for thee--all thine! But he passed by
Coldly, and answered, Rose? I see no to rose,--
Leaving me standing in the barren vale
Alone! alone! feeling the darkness close
Deep o'er my heart, and all my being fail.

Then came one, gently, yet with eager tread,
Begging one rose-bud--but my rose was dead.

    MY FAVORITE POEMS   Table of Contents     Verses