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    PRO-SLAVERY IN INDIANA.   Table of Contents     NAMES OF DONORS.

Truth, Sojourner
Narrative of Sojourner Truth



" Oliver Johnson :--

" Dear Friend --Again I would ask permission, through your paper, to return thanks to friends whose hearts have been moved to give aid and comfort to our 'venerable friend and teacher,' Sojourner Truth. She desires me to say that she cannot rest until all know how truly grateful she is for their kind assistance. She says her heart is full of praises and prayer, and sometimes she thinks her cup of happiness is about to run over, and she prays de Lord to pour it on to some of her friends. Would that some people had the power and goodness of heart to extract happiness from material surroundings in proportion to their possessions, as Sojourner has. A much better world would this be.

"When the kind and excellent letter reached her

from Samuel May and wife, of Leicester, Mass, accompanied with donations from Ireland, she was greatly surprised, and expressions of deep gratitude came in rapid succession. Finally, she concluded that no mortal on earth was ever so blessed before, and she was quite sure 'de Lord never sent his angels from so great a distance, even in 'Lijah's day.' She wondered who ever heard of Sojourner way in Ireland, and when she thought that they were friends whom she had never seen, she was quite overcome with joy, and thought the goodness of the Lord was greater than she could understand.

"She wishes you to print the name of her grandson, James Caldwell, of the 54th, thinking that some one may go and see him.

"She wishes her friends to know that her health is better than it was some time since. She says she has 'budded out wid de trees, but may fall wid de autumn leaves.'" Phebe H.M. Stickney ."

    PRO-SLAVERY IN INDIANA.   Table of Contents     NAMES OF DONORS.