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Truth, Sojourner
Narrative of Sojourner Truth



"Arisen from the degradation of slavery to be one of the most noble reformers of the age. Long may her star illumine the pathway of the progressive world.Mrs. M. Gale .
" East Medway, Mass ."

"May the Lord bless and preserve you through life. Yours, J. McMillen .
" Brooklyn, N. Y ."

"That Sojourner Truth has ennobled human nature by her life, is the firm conviction of her friend," Alfred E. Giles .
" Boston, Mass ."

" Syracuse, N. Y.,

March 25, 1871.

"Sojourner Truth was in Syracuse, laboring in the cause of Christ and humanity. Although over eighty, she still has plans for future usefulness which she seems happy to contemplate. Her life testifies to her faith in God's words that 'no man putting his hand to the plough and looking back is fit for the kingdom or God.'J.S. Leonard ."

"With ever kind and ever loving remembrance of my dear old friend of more than thirty years' acquaintance.James Boyle, M. D.
" No. 20 W. Broadway, N. Y., July 13, 1870 ."
"P. S. All the years during which we have known each other, we were co-laborers in the anti-slavery

movement, and now we see our wishes accomplished in the overthrow of that horrid wall of crimes and cruelties which Church and State combined to perpetuate. The great God is leading the bordmen and bondwomen through a Red Sea to their freedom, and writing their deed of enfranchisement with the point of the sword, in the blood of their oppressors North and South. J.B."

James Boyle made Sojourner a present of the stereotype portion of her "Narrative," which includes the first 128 pages of this volume.

"I have conversed with Aunt Sojourner, and believe her to be a child of God." Mrs. Lewis Fairbrother .
" Pawtucket, R.I ."" Dear Aunt Sojourner :--

"I thank the 'King Eternal' that he is no respecter of persons, and that we are all his children. Henry C.L. Dorsey .
" Pawtucket, Sept. 6, 1870 ."

"Slavery has gone over the battlements, thanks be to God. Joseph A. Dugdale .
" Mt. Pleasant, Iowa ."

"Dear Sojourner Truth, a holy woman doing a godlike work--May she prosper in her noble undertakings. M.L. Ives .
" Detroit, Mich ."


" Rochester, N. Y.,

May 3, 1871. " My Dear Sojourner Truth :--

"I rejoice to find you strong in health, vigorous in mind, warm in heart, and, as usual, full of noble purposes, looking to the welfare of suffering men and women. May you long live to bless, cheer, and enlighten, and to lift up the oppressed, and smooth the pathway of the lowly, and may you see the fruit of your labors multiply more than sixty or an hundred fold." Frederic Douglas ."" Dear Mother in Israel :--

"You are called of the Lord and anointed by his Holy Spirit to bind up the broken-hearted, and to sway the hearts of men by a power greater than that which resides in thrones and scepters. May God bless you, and give you success in your divine mission.Daniel Steele .
" Genesee College, Lima, N. Y., May 12, 1871 ."

" Iola, Kan.,

Nov 5, 1871.

"How easy it is to detect the spirit, however humble its garb, freed from the trammels of the world, party, or sectarianism. In you, good old Sojourner, we see it far removed above all clogs. Once a slave, now, in the highest sense a freedwoman; desiring nothing, hoping for nothing, but the truth as revealed by the Spirit, not killed by formalism. We thought we saw afar off a true spirit, and desired to meet you. At our request and invitation, you honored us with your presence at our house. We hope you have enjoyed

the visit as well as ourselves. The best room, the best bed, and the best seat, we have intended to reserve for you, hoping to make you feel free and at home. Be assured, good friend, we feel grateful to you, and benefited by your counsel, and words of wisdom and truth. May your labors for the promotion of your race and our common humanity meet with abundant success, and, finally, great reward, is the earnest desire of your friends and well-wishers,"Byron M. Smith ,
" Eliza S. Smith ."

"May God's blessing rest on thy labors for the elevation of thy race and the general good of mankind." G. Knowles .
" Leavenworth, Kan ."" Dear Friend Sojourner :--

"I hope that you will live to see the day when the people of this land shall be wise, and through their government care for the poor and ignorant, both black and white, as a wise parent cares for his children.Eliza R. Morgan .
" Leavenworth, Kan ."

"53 Broadway, New York,

Jan . 17, 1868. " Sojourner Truth :--

" Dear Madam --I had the pleasure of meeting you several years ago, at my uncle's, Mr. Richard Mott's, in Toledo. I saw Mr. Mott a few days ago, and he told me where you reside. I send one dollar, inclosed, for which please send me, by

mail, as many of your photographs as the money will pay for. If you have two or three different ones, please send one of each. Perhaps you may have heard of the death of Uncle James Mott, brother of Richard Mott and husband of Lucretia Mott. He died last Sunday. Mrs. Mott is quite feeble and feels her great loss very much. I shall be glad to see you again when you come to New York, and shall try to do so."Very truly yours, Walter Brown ."

" Brooklyn, Sept . 8, 1869.

"Your letter of the 12th inst. has just reached me. I take pleasure in seconding my husband's invitation to you for a visit at our house. He will, no doubt, be away most of the winter, therefore, if your health will permit, as soon as you can come it will be best. We live at 136 Livingstone St., Brooklyn. Write to Mr. Tilton the day of your arrival, and he will meet you at the depot."I am yours sincerely, " Elizabeth R. Tilton ."

" Providence, R.I.,

Sept 14, 1870. " To Sojourner Truth :--

"May your last days be your best. May your sun set in glory. Having followed in the footsteps of Jesus all the way, he will now guide your feeble steps up the mount of ascension, and when the opening heavens receive you, you shall hear his sweet voice saying, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.'Rachel C. Mather ,
" Teacher of Freedmen in Beaufort, S.C ."

To Sojourner Truth, The Libyan Sybil :--

"I give thee joy, my noble friend and true,
Thou who, but yesterday, a scorned slave,
Bearing the cross within thy great, brave heart,
Wert scourged and scoffed at by the heartless crew,
And only pitied by the Christ-like few
Who seek-like Christ--the sorrowing to save,
To-day, forevermore enshrined in art!
Honor and joy be thine! How few like thee
Wear the saints' aureole on an earthly brow.
So thy wronged race, long trodden beneath the feet
Of tyrant lords, and wearing the brand of shame,
Shall yet in manhood's majesty complete
Stand proudly in the sacred halls of fame." Mrs. C.L. Morgan .
"Mt. Pleasant, Wis., May 2, 1863 ."

"Again are we privileged in having Sojourner with us. Tis very pleasant for us that she feels our house is her home. She speaks this evening in the Congregational Church.Mrs. A. Montague .
" Kalamazoo, Mich., Aug. 26, 1871 ."

"That the evening of your life may be as calm and peaceful as the morning was dark and stormy, is the earnest wish of your sincere friend," Lucinda Walling .
" Mt. Pleasant, Wis., Sept., 1871."

"May our friendship of many years continue for long ages after the close of this short life." Thomas Chandler .
Raaisin, Mich, 1871 ."

" My Dear Grandmother :--

"As the present is your first visit to Missouri, I want to put it on record in your 'Book of Life,' that there is at least one native Missourian who entertains no prejudice against colored people, but, on the contrary, values all alike according to their worthiness. Your noble labors for the freedom of the colored race are among my earliest remembrances, and your beautiful ideas of life, death, and God, will be among the last things I shall forget."W.H. Miller , Journal of Commerce .
" Kansas City, Mo., June 15, 1872 ."" Our Veteran Friend ,
Sojourner Truth --

We have known thee for a quarter of a century, heard thy clarion voice in the day when the slave power rioted in the land and trod with its iron heel upon the hearts of its victims. God has blessed the labors of his servants in a signal manner, and slavery by his mighty power has gone over the battlements and is destroyed. May thy old age be crowned by his presence, and thy trumpet join with Gabriel's in the jubilee, when the countless multitudes shall surround the throne of God.Joseph A. Dugdale .
" Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Second Month 7th, 1872 ."

"Nov. 17, 1868.

"Sojourner Truth commenced her advocacy of the rights of her race during our war with Mexico, since which her travels and labors have been wide-spread, constant, and arduous. God has given her remarkable

native sagacity, a ready command of strong, expressive language, and a vein of sharp wit and rich humor with which to combat the falsities and delusions among the people of her time. May God give her length of days, and free utterance on the side of right and justice.W.L. Chaplin ."" To Sojourner Truth :--

"You say you wish to leave the world better than you found it. Posterity will give you the credit of having done so."R. B. Taylor , Editor Gazette . "
Wyandotte, Kansas, Dec. 25, 1871 ."" Aunty :--

"Accept this book to collect the scraps of your eventful life, which has accomplished so much, and is now so entirely devoted to the interests of the poor colored people in Washington and elsewhere." Robert Adams .
" Fall River, Oct. 16, 1870 .:--

" Mendota, Ill., April 22, 1872. " To The Methodist Ministry of the Park River Conference:--
" Dear Brethren --

Allow me to introduce to you Sojourner Truth, and bespeak for her your friendly attentions. If her religious experience, as narrated a few years ago in the Atlantic Monthly , by Mrs. H.B. Stowe, affected you as it did me, you will feel it an honor to receive her in the Lord with all gladness."Your brother in Christ, D.F. Holmes ."


A short sermon inserted in Sojourner's 'Book of Life,' and one which she appreciates:--

"Our ingress in life is marked and bare,
Our progress through life is trouble and care,
Our egress out of it we know not where,
But doing well here, we shall do well there."C. P. Morgan .
" Leavenworth, Kan., Jan. 31, 1872 ."

" Springfield, Mass., Feb . 28, 1871. " Sojourner Truth :--
" Dear Friend --

In writing my name in your 'Book of Life,' it gives me great pleasure to say that our acquaintance of some twenty years has made me largely your debtor. Your steady devotion to the cause of suffering humanity has always commanded my esteem, admiration, and reverence. As you have spent a long and laborious life for the good of others, may you always find troops of friends to minister to your comfort while you sojourn among mortals. And when at last you pass on to the higher life, I trust you will be met by a host of immortal friends on the shores of the summer land, who will welcome you to the blest abodes. E.W. Turing ."

"Your life, commencing in the depths of slavery, opens grandly and brightly even there, and who can tell of the glorious angelhood into which it is unfolding? The 'Well done' awaits you, Sojourner, and all earnest workers for humanity." Martha L. Gale .
" East Mcdway, Mass., 1871 ."

" Aunty Sojourner Truth :--

"We have been greatly pleased and edified by a visit from you. Having known you for about thirty years, it is with pleasure we add our testimony to your self-sacrificing labors in behalf of your despised and oppressed race, and the cause of humanity everywhere. Although far advanced in years, may you be spared to see your efforts for the elevation of your people crowned with success." N.B. Spooner ,
" L.H. Spooner .
" Plymouth, Mass., 1871 ."

"May she who patiently hath wrought
Through years of earnest toil and thought,
Find her best hopes fulfilled at last,
And when her wanderings are past,
To crown her work of love be given
Sweet peace on earth and rest in Heaven.
" J. Walter Spooner .
" Plymouth, Mass ."

"James N. Buffum, Ruth Buffum, Abby B. Buffum--all good friends of Sojourner Truth." Lynn, Mass., 1870 ."

"Go on, Sojourner, God speed you."J.A.B. Stone .
" Kalamazoo, Mich ."

"Blessings on thee, my good old friend." Wendell Phillips .
" Boston, Mass .'