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  --  Missionary Journeys With Associate Workers.   Table of Contents     CHAPTER IX.
  --  Revival Meetings.

Broughton, V.W.
Twenty Year's Experience of a Missionary

- CHAPTER VIII. -- Divine Healing.

Divine Healing.

Humbly and reverently do we pen the following experiences that increased Virginia's faith in Christ's power to heal our bodily infirmities in this age as when He was here in person. The more we study the Bible the more the Holy Spirit enlightens us in its teachings. Virginia had often read Mark 16: 17, 18, and hoped to see those truths fulfilled in the experiences of her own life. This hope was verily realized. Her own recovery from a serious illness that was considered hopeless was her first experience of the Master's power to heal. Glory be to God! The brother, John, of whom we've written, had two special attacks of sickness in which God's healing power was manifest in his recovery. At one time he had had a bone taken from his arm, he became very despondent and was ill at ease because he feared he could never use that hand again. One morning Virginia was led of the Lord to give him a certain Scripture to read, namely, Jas. 5:

13, 17, while she went off to school, and it its close brought two of her believing Bible women, Sisters Celia J. and Amanda C., to her home to pray with her for her brother's recovery. Every act was performed from the clear guidance of the Holy Spirit. At the close of the sister's prayers that brother arose from his bed kneeled down and prayed, then sang praises to God in the lines or the following song:

"None but the righteous shall see God."

The next morning he arose, dressed himself and went to town, using for the first time since the operation that hand on his afflicted arm. It was a strange incident that this brother went to his friend Smith's home, who also was expecting to have a serious operation performed the next day (Sunday). Because Brother John was a medical doctor his friend Smith urged him to stay with him and see him through his operation. His case makes us think of these suggestive lines of the song writer:

"He'll make your great commission known,
And ye shall prove his gospel true,
By all the works that He has done,
By all the wonders ye shall do."

The following remarkable incident did occur. That Saturday night Mr. Smith dreamed that Virginia came to see him and read her Bible to him. He was so impressed with his dream that he narrated it to her brother John, who immediately wrote a letter to

his sister, explaining the cause of his failure to return home, telling her also of his friend's dream and urging her to come down at once in company with Sister Celia J. and pray for Mr. Smith as they did for him. The two women went, read the Word, touching God's power to heal, and prayed that God would direct the physicians and in his own way give the needed relief to the sick man. The women then left and went to church. The doctors who expected to perform the operation came according to their appointment. God had preceded the physicians, and brought about such a change in the affected part of the man's body that the physicians decided to defer the operation a week later. In the meantime Virginia made another visit and again prayed for God's power to be manifest in the healing of the sick man. As the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much God healed Mr. Smith without the operation ever being performed, which in the physicians' opinion would have caused the man's death, so serious was the nature of his case. Mr. Smith still lives to testify to what appeared to him a miraculous cure. Simply the fulfillment of God's word and, nothing more. Jas. 5: 14, 15.

The special illness of her brother John, referred to in a previous chapter, when his sister Selena tarried in Memphis to wait upon him, was another case in

which God's healing power was evident. Brother John had again been operated upon and came to the verge of the grave; physicians and loved ones all gave him up, save Virginia, who had been assured he would escape death, as it were, by the skin of his teeth; accordingly that Sunday of blessed memory when this dear brother lay semi-conscious, apparently in the throes of death, Virginia sat at his bedside watching and waiting for the manifestation of God's power. Praise the Lord! Her waiting was not in vain. At the close of that day of awful suspense and sore distress God's power was manifest. A change for the better came, the sick man came to himself, as one awakened from a deep sleep. Soon he began to talk. About the first thing he said: "I'm not going now, I have seen that my way is clear, but God will not take me now for He has more work for me to do." His recovery to health began from that moment. With much tender careand gentle nursing he was restored to health. In his extreme weakness it was very painful to move his body in the least, often causing him to faint. One day when God had brought special comfort and joy to Virginia with this sweet message ringing in her soul; "Every wedding guest must be richly dressed, when the King, when the King comes in." She went to her brother's bedside and looking steadfastly upon him, her soul lifted in prayer to God
for his strength, was enabled finally to say to her sister Selena: "I say with authority you can move him now and he will not faint." Glory be to God! Strength was given him, he was moved and his clothing changed with blessed results. To God be all the glory! And may his Word be magnified through these testimonies. This dear brother was fully restored to health and lived a beautiful Christian life of service about three years longer. He was a successful physician and had a large practice, but he would ever fill his place in church Sunday morning if he had to leave before the service closed. He made a faithful member of the church and contributed largely to every need presented. He took delight in entertaining the missionary workers, both men and women, feeling that he could not do enough for those who were sacrificing their lives for his Master's cause.

On one occasion Virginia was impressed to call and see her friend, Mrs. G. R., who was reported very ill. She talked freely with this friend concerning her affliction and learned that her physician had decided there was no hope of her recovery without an operation, but because of the extreme heat, as it was midsummer, he hoped to give some remedy that would enable her to linger on until fall, when the weather would be more favorable for the operation. After hearing the patient's story Virginia asked her if she

would like to have her pray for her. Mrs. G. R. readily responded "Yes." A prayer of faith was offered and Virginia, in company with her friend, F. P. C., bade their sick friend adieu. Mrs. G.R. testified that she was enabled to sit up that very afternoon. She continued to improve and was finally restored to health without an operation. She gave God the praise that was justly his. This experience of Mrs. G. R. did much to establish faith in the Bible teaching of Divine Healing.

Another of Virginia's friends, Mrs. V. M., was sorely afflicted with rheumatism. Virginia happened to call in to see her just at a time she could honor her Master and impress that aristocratic family with the reality of the religion of Jesus Christ and the effectiveness of the mission work that they had so lightly regarded. Mrs. V. M. was lying in bed and other members of the family seated around the bright, cheerful fire. After exchanging a few pleasant friendly greetings Virginia offered to pray, which offer was kindly accepted. The family all seemed greatly moved and the dear sick friend was greatly relieved, sufficiently to get up and expresse herself that she believed God had heard the prayer in her behalf.

Other illustrations might be given, but the above are sufficient to establish the truth that Jesus is the Great Physician, as well as the Great Savior, and it

is the lack of faith, wisdom and consecration on the part of God's children that we do not have more evidences of God's healing power.

Notwithstanding we believe in God's power to heal, we would say that does not discard the use of means, and hence we believe also in the science and practice of medicine as one of the divinely appointed means to man's physical healing. Sometimes in Christ's ministry he used means, as in the case of the man born blind, thus justifying the use of means by his children. In either instance, with or without the use of means, our life and health are dependent upon God's great power. "In him we live and move and have our continual being." What privileges are ours to enjoy, as children of the King!

"When we walk with the Lord
In the light of His Word,
What a glory he sheds on our way,
When we do His good will,
He abides with us still,
And with all who will trust and obey."

  --  Missionary Journeys With Associate Workers.   Table of Contents     CHAPTER IX.
  --  Revival Meetings.