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    CHAPTER XII   Table of Contents     CHAPTER XIV.

Foote, Julia A.J.
A Brand Plucked From the Fire



Removal of Baston-The Work of Full Salvation

On our arrival in Boston, after long, weary some journey, we went at once to the houses of Mrs. Burrows, where my husband had made arrangements for me to board while he was away at work during the week. He worked in Chelsea, and could not come to look after my welfare but once a week. The boarders in this house were mostly gentleman, nearly all of whom were out of Christ. Mrs. Burrows was a church-member, but knew nothing of the full joys of salvation.

I went to church the first Sabbath I was there, remained at class-meeting, gave my letter

of membership to the minister, and was received into the church. In giving my first testimony, I told of my through and happy conversion, and of my sanctification as a second, distinct work of the Holy Ghost.

After class-meeting, a good many came to me, asking questions about sanctification; others stood off in groups, talking, while a few followed me to my boarding-house. They all seemed very much excited over what I had told them. I began to see that it was not the voice of man that had bidden me go out from the land of my nativity and from my kindred, but the voice of my dear Lord I was completely prepared for all that followed, knowing that "All things to work together for good to them that love God." Change of people, places and circumstances. Weighed nothing with me, for I had a safe abiding place with my Father. Some people had been to me in such an unchristianlike spirit that I had spoken to and about them in rather an incautious manner. I now more and more saw the great need of ordering all my words as in the immediate presence of God, that I might be able to maintain that purity of lips and life which the Gospel required. God is holy, and if I would enjoy constant communion with him I must guard every avenue of my soul, and watch

every thought of my heart and word of my tongue, that I may be blameless before him in love. The Lord help me evermore to be upon my guard, and having done all, to stand. Amen and amen.

In a few months my husband rented a house just across the road from my boarding-house, and I went to housekeeping. "Mam" Riley, a most excellent Christian, became as a mother to me in this strange land, far from my own dear mother. Bless the Lord! He supplied all my needs. "Mam" Riley had two grown daughters, one about my own age, married, who had two children. They were dear Christian women, and like sisters to me. The mother thought she once enjoyed the blessing of heart purity, but the girls had not heard of such a thing as being sanctified and permitted to live. The elder girl, who was a consumptive and in delicate health, soon became deeply interested in the subject. She began to hunger and thirst after righteousness, and did not rest until she was washed and made clean in the blood of Jesus. Her clear, definite testimony had a great effect upon the church, as her family was one of the first in point of wealth and standing in the community.

God wonderfully honored the faith of this young saint in her ceaseless labor for others.

We attended meetings and visited from house to house, together, almost constantly, when she was able to go out. Glory to God !the church became much aroused; some plunged into the ocean of perfect love, and came forth testifying to the power of the blood. Others disbelieved and ridiculed this "foolish doctrine," as they called it, saying it was just as impossible to live without committing sin as it was to live without eating, and brought disjointed passages of Scripture to bear them out.

    CHAPTER XII   Table of Contents     CHAPTER XIV.