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    I Wish I Was a Grown Up Man   Table of Contents     Old Maid's Soliloquy

Johnson, Maggie Pogue
Virginia Dreams

- The V. N. and C. I.

The V. N. and C. I.

Near the City of Petersburg,
As seen by the passers-by,
In the neighborhood of Ettricks,
Stands the V. N. and C. I.

A building loved by many,
Who've toiled within her walls,
And tried to respond with pleasure
To every beck and call.

Her situation is beautiful,
As loftily she stands
Facing the Appromattox,
So picturesque and grand.

Then in the month of September,
As the days glide swiftly by,
Students leave their various homes,
For the V. N. and C. I.

And ere many hours have passed
They're sheltered within her walls,
Their minds from pleasures cast,
To answer to her calls.

And for days, weeks and months
Earnestly they work,
On their different studies,
Trying none to shirk.

After the wintry days have passed
The birds sweetly warble and sing,
While students resume their daily tasks
They're told of the coming Spring.

And then on the campus green,
Of V. N. and C. I. may be seen,
Students who every day win fame,
Playing the many outdoor games.

Girls with tennis employed,
Always enjoy it much,
Boys with baseball o'erjoyed,
As with bat they give it a touch.

After a few years shall have passed,
And boys and girls have finished their task,
No more their faces will be seen,
Or voices heard on the campus green.

In various sections their lots will be cast,
Fond recollections they'll have of the past,
As days, months and years glide slowly by
They'll ever remember V. N. and C. I.

    I Wish I Was a Grown Up Man   Table of Contents     Old Maid's Soliloquy