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    TO YOUTH.   Table of Contents     THE COMES NOT TO-NIGHT.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



OUT, upon the deep old ocean,
Out, upon the trackless wave,
Tossed by winds in fierce commotion--
Men with hearts no longer brave--
Drifted a poor helpless vessel,
Driven by the winds at will;
Struggling sailors with her wrestle,
Lest they watery graves should fill.

All night long they toiled in rowing,
Striving their frail bark to guide--
Morning's streaks were longer growing,
Still she tossed from side to side.
Some were on the oars hard bending,
Others strove to man the sail,
But each moment strength seemed lending,
To the e'er increasing gale.

Silently each weary seaman,
Did the task to him assigned;
Helpless starboard watch, and leamen
Scanned the trackless waste behind.
Fainter grew their hearts within them,
For the billows threatened death,
Furious breakers fought to win them,
Prayers were uttered with each breath.

Denser grew the clouds above them,
And the tempest wildly raged,
Weary Captain, hopeless seamen,
Each in silent prayer engaged.
Sudden on the wave appearing,
Breaks a strange mysterious light
Toward their little bark 'tis nearing,
And they tremble with affright.

"'Tis a spirit," said they lowly,
Terror on their faces spread,
But he neared them, speaking slowly--
"It is I!" be not afraid.
Peter spoke, (the all-impulsive)
Jesus come Thy people save,
If indeed thou art our Jesus,
"Bid me walk upon the wave!"

"Come unto me!" said the Saviour;
Peter made a noble start,
But ere long his strength forsook him--
Doubting filled his faithless heart.
In his own strength he was thinking
He would walk upon the wave--
Soon he found that he was sinking,
Then he cried "Lord Jesus Save!"

Then the loving Saviour caught him,
And unto the vessel came;
Peace now reigned, and Jesus taught him,
Not thy power, but Jesus' name.
Sinner you are on the ocean,
Sinking now beneath the wave,
Stretch Thine arms with faith's devotion--
Jesus Christ is quick to save!

    TO YOUTH.   Table of Contents     THE COMES NOT TO-NIGHT.