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    THE QUARTO CENTENNIAL   Table of Contents     I WILL LOOK UP.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



O Hungry Heart,
Contend not with thy fate;
Lonely thou art,
But yet must hope and wait.
For all thy craving,
Thou shalt be filled;
Why this mad raving?
Why so self-willed?

Longing, art thou,
For that which comes not?
Submissive bow,
Sad is thy lot,
What must the end be?
Lest thou relent,
Love will consume thee,
Thy power be spent.

Dost thy cold mate,
That thou hast chosen
Smile at thy fate,
With glances frozen.
O, hungry heart,
In shadow groping
Still act thy part,
And go on hoping?

Thy fate invites thee,
Kind or unkindly;
Thou art not free,
Love loves e'er bindly.
As thirsty meadow
Welcomes the dew,
And as the shadow
Follows the true.

All the emotion
Thou dost impart,
Will find devotion,
O, hungry heart.
O, hungry heart,
It is not in vain
Somewhere, somehow !
For all thy pain.

For all thy sorrow,
Thy bitter tears,
Happiness borrow
From coming years.
O, hungry heart,
Hope is all beauty,
Disappointment's dart
Points thee to duty.

    THE QUARTO CENTENNIAL   Table of Contents     I WILL LOOK UP.