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    THE BIRTH OF TIME.   Table of Contents     THINE OWN.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



On receiving Tennyson's poems from Mrs. M. H. Dunton, of Brattleboro', Vt.

DEAR Friend, since you have chosen to associate
My humble thoughts with England's poet laureate,
I trust that he will hear me pleasant company,
And soon we shall far more than mere acquaintance be.
Since childhood's days his name I have revered,
And more and more it has become to me endeared;
I blush not for the truth, I but confess,
I very wealthy feel since I his "works" possess.

I've found in the immortal Shakespeare much delight,
Yet, oft his vulgar language shocked me quite;
And I twice grateful am, that I no more shall be
Dependent in spare moments on his company.
But I shall roam o'er England's proud domain,
Shall meet her lords and ladies, and her peasants
Attend her royal spreads, and figure at her courts,
On prancing steed with nodding plume, I join their
hunting sports.

    THE BIRTH OF TIME.   Table of Contents     THINE OWN.