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    LOVE LETTERS.   Table of Contents     I LOVE THEE.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



Is this the way my Father,
That Thou wouldn't have me go --
Scaling the rugged mountain steep,
Or through the valley low?
Walking alone the path of life,
With timid, faltering feet;
Fighting with weak and failing heart,
Each conflict that I meet?

Nay ! nay ! my child, the Father saith,
Thou dost not walk alone --
Gird-up the loins of they weak faith,
And cease thy plaintive tone.
Look thou with unbeclouded eyes
To Calvary's gory scene --
Canst thou forget the Saviour's cries?
Go thou, on His mercy, lean."

My Father, brighter grows the way,
Less toilsome is the road;
If Thou Thy countenance display,
O, lighter seems my load !
And trustingly I struggle on,
Not murmuring o'er my task;
The mists that gather soon are gone,
When in Thy smile I bask.

Turn not from me Thy smiling face,
Lest I shall surely stray,
But in Thy loving arms' embrace,
I cannot lose my way.
My Father when my faith is small,
And doubting fills my heart,
Thy tender mercy I recall.
O, let it ne'er depart!

    LOVE LETTERS.   Table of Contents     I LOVE THEE.