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    CONTENTS   Table of Contents     INTRODUCTION.
  --  Bishop Benj. Tucker Tanner, D.D.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories


--OF THE--

MRS. JOSIE D.(HENDERSON) HEARD was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, October 11th, 1861. Her parents, Lafayette and Annie M. Henderson, though slaves, were nominally free, being permitted to hire their time and live in another City, Charlotte, North Carolina.

At an early age, Josephine displayed her literary taste, and aptness to perform upon almost any musical instrument. As early as five years of age she could read, and was a source of general comfort to the aged neighbors, delighting to read the Scriptures to them.

She received her education in the schools at Charlotte, and having passed through them with credit, was sent to the Scotia Seminary at Concord, North Carolina, spending several years there. Her desire was to reach even a higher plain, and she was next sent to Bethany Institute, New York, Passing with honors from its walls. She commenced teaching in the State which gave her birth; then in the State of South Carolina, at Maysville, Orangeburg and finally in Tennessee, at Covington, near Memphis.

In October, 1881, she became acquainted with the Rev. W.H. Heard , (now Presiding Elder of the Lancaster District, Philadelphia Conference,) who was then in the

U.S.R. Mail Service; and they were happily united in the Bonds of Matrimony in the year 1882.

Mrs. Heard evinced a fondness for poetry, and during her school days contributed to several leading evangelical periodicals. After her marriage she was encouraged by the Rt. Rev. Benj. Tucker Tanner, Rt. Rev. B. W. Arnett, and many other friends to give more time to it. At their solicitations she has ventured to bring to light these verses. She has some musical talent, having composed and written a piece of music which was played at the New Orleans Exposition, and which elicited much comment from the Democratic Press of the South.

W. H. H.

    CONTENTS   Table of Contents     INTRODUCTION.
  --  Bishop Benj. Tucker Tanner, D.D.