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    MY MOCKING BIRD.   Table of Contents     DO YOU THINK?

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



FRESH and fair the morn awaketh,
From her couch of down;
Parting kiss her lover taketh,
Ere his daily journey maketh
Of the world around.

For a jolly-hearted rover,
Ever full of fun,
Making calls the wide world over,
Flower and leaf, and blade and clover,
Welcome him, the sun.

Gloom from weary hearts dispelleth,
Shedding joy and light
O'er the homes where sorrow dwelleth,
Of eternal sunshine telleth,
And the mansions bright.

Evening's gentle voice is pleading,
But he will not stay;
Her entreaties all unheeding,
Morning's tender smile succeeding,
Beckons him away.

Now while just a halo lingers,
Note his roguish smile;
With the tip ends of his fingers,
Sweet good day he gently flings her,
But retreats the while.

    MY MOCKING BIRD.   Table of Contents     DO YOU THINK?