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    WILBERFORCE.   Table of Contents     THE CITY BY THE SEA.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



Lo! the glorious dawn is breaking,
And the night of gloom is gone,
All the earth from slumber waking,
Hails with joy the Easter Morn!

Lo! the sun's bright rays are peeping
Over Calvary's crimson height,
Soldier guards who watch were keeping,
Saw Him rise in power and might!

Mary ran with footsteps fleeter,
Than the other two who went--
Where an angel sat to greet her,
And the grave a glory lent.

With their spices they were going,
To the tomb where Jesus lay--
Faithful ones, without the knowing.
Who should roll the stone away?

To the rich man's new sepulcher,
Mary's eager feet drew near;
Lo, she saw the tomb was open,
And her heart was filled with fear!

At the grave she stooped, and peeping,
Angels saw in white arrayed,
Where her Lord was lately sleeping!"
"And the clothes aside were laid!"

Back she drew with fear and quaking,
But the angel watcher said:
"Jesus is among the living,
Seek Him not among the dead,

"He is risen, He is risen,"
Now dispel thy gloom and fear
From the grave`s embrace and prison;
Rose triumphant, He is not dead."

Then awake the song of gladness,
Let it float upon the air;
Joy dispels the gloom and sadness,
Past the night of dark despair.

Shout with gladdest acclamation,
Raise with joy the gladsome sound,
And with great acceleration,
Spread to earth`s remotest bound.

He is risen! great in glory;
Death is vanquished, lost its string!
Vain the grave can boast of victory,
He is resen, Christ the King!

    WILBERFORCE.   Table of Contents     THE CITY BY THE SEA.