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    NIGHT.   Table of Contents     ASSURANCE.

Heard (Henderson), Josephine D.
Morning Glories



THE die is cast, and we must part,
Forgive me if I say we must;
Must make again exchange of heart,
But never more exchange of trust.
With faces cold and stern must meet,
While inward fires consume our souls,
Must pass as strangers in the street,
While o'er our hope the death bell tolls.

We met but a short while ago,
And all my sky was clouded o'er
You loved, and scattered all my woe,
Loved as I ne'er was loved before.
You taught my hungry heart to hope,
And filled love's chaliee to the brim,
But hope must now in darkness grope,
And love s sweet sunshine e'er be dim.

When eventide has wrapped the world,
In garments of a silvery sheen,
And diamond studded skies unfurled
Their beauty fair to deck the Queen.
Of night, as she shall joyous ride
In magic splendor on her way,
Like modest sweet and happy bride,
All glorious in her perfect sway.

My thoughts unfettered fly to thee,
Untramelled by my heart's deep woe,
Though all our actions guarded be,
Love's tender voice still murmurs low.
And fans the embers into flame,
My heart thrills with its ecstacy
At any mention of thy name
Forgets, and longs to be with thee.

Yet we must smile and kiss the rod,
That strikes the blow and severs us,
Must fix our hope on heaven and God,
Earth's joys are ever severed thus.
Farewell, and though we parted be,
And parting brings us bitter pain,
Someday we shall united be,
For we must hope to live again.

When all our wrongs have righted been,
And crooked paths have been made straight,
When from our joy shall drop the screen,
Which now is hung by cruel fate.
Then the full craving of each heart,
Is granted, we shall happy be
When meeting we shall no more part,
In the blissful realm eternity.

    NIGHT.   Table of Contents     ASSURANCE.