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    De Wintah Styles   Table of Contents     Christmas Times

Johnson, Maggie Pogue
Virginia Dreams

- Ambition


When e'er we enter Life's open field,
Or life's duties are at hand,
When e'er to Necessity's voice we yield,
Or heed to her just commands.

'Tis then we need that power,
Which will aid us most in life,
And in every trying hour,
Will serve to banish strife.

'Tis then we need to exercise,
Those emotions of the soul,
Which will help us in our efforts rise
And reach Life's distant goal.

'Tis then we need to cultivate,
'Mid trying conditions,
Powers that will elevate
As real ambition.

Ambition to help the old in life;
Ambition to aid the young,
To lift from hovels, banish strife,
And aid every one.

To be an aid in every task,
And every petition,
As long as life shall last,
Cultivate ambition.

    De Wintah Styles   Table of Contents     Christmas Times