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    Meal Time   Table of Contents

Johnson, Maggie Pogue
Virginia Dreams

- Dedication Day

Dedication Day

[Read at the dedication of the new Mt. Zion Baptist Church,
Staunton, Va.]

What means this vast assemblage here,
Of people great and grand,
Who've come to us from afar and near,
At the heed of one's command.

Why come ye to Mt. Zion's walls,
Ye folks in grand array?
"We've heeded to the pastor's call,
'Tis Dedication Day."

List! hear ye not those songs,
Which pour forth streams of love?
It seems that some angelic throng
Has sent them from above.

Why are these souls with music stirred,
What means all this, I pray?
Can it be you haven't heard,
'Tis Dedication Day?

The work of a hand is finished,
The toil of a day is done,
One's labor is diminished,
Yet a great work to be done.

We stand 'mid beauty and splendor,
And gaze on these sacred walls,
While our hearts many thanks do tender,
To Him who dost heed our calls.

You've struggled, yea, toiled unceasing,
To complete a glorious work,
Each day new efforts increasing,
Daring not shrink nor shirk.

Part of your toils are at an end,
And part, yea, just begun,
As your feeble efforts blend,
In love to the Holy One.

And now you have assembled here,
'Mid efforts good and great,
With happy hearts, minds full of cheer,
A gift to dedicate.

To dedicate, means to give to God,
And may He who inspires us to live
And trod each day earth's lowly sod,
Instill in us power to give.

And as we our minds in holiness lift,
We offer to Him above,
A sacred, yea, a noble gift,
In high honor of His love.

For 'twas He who gave you power
To erect this building grand,
A monument to tower,
A glory to this land.

Let all unite in these songs,
Yea, your feeble voices lift,
And help this mighty throng,
To dedicate this gift.

And thank your God above
For the true-hearted leader sent;
He's led seven years in love,
Calling sinners to repent.

He's toiled for Mt. Zion's daughters and sons
That they might a true people be,
That they live in love to the Holy One,
Has been his prayer and constant plea.

'Tis Moses He sent to lead you,
That you heed His gentle command,
He'll lead you safely thro',
Till you've reached the promised land.

A man inspired by God,
He a noble work has done;
He'll reap his just reward,
When the harvest time has come.

And to Mt. Zion's daughters and sons
I pray that your life may be,
An emblem of the Holy One,
From strife and malice free.

And may the good Savior above,
Bless this congregation great,
As they in prayers and songs of love,
This building dedicate.

And to all who've helped in the cause,
You've won for yourself renown;
I pray you abide in His laws,
He'll add many stars to your crown.

    Meal Time   Table of Contents