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Behind the Scenes

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Behind The Scenes .
CHAPTER 1. -- Where I was Born.
CHAPTER II. -- Girlhood and its Sorrows.
CHAPTER III. -- How I Gained My Freedom
CHAPTER IV. -- In the Family of Senator Jefferson Davis.
CHAPTER -- My Introduction to Mrs. Lincoln.
+ CHAPTER VI. -- Willie Lincoln's Death-Bed.
CHAPTER VII. -- Washington In 1862-3.
CHAPTER VIII. -- Candid Opinions .
CHAPTER IX. -- Behind the Scenes.
CHAPTER X. -- The Second Inauguration.
CHAPTER XI. -- The Assassination of President Lincoln .
CHAPTER XII. -- Mrs. Lincoln Leaves the White House.
CHAPTER XIII. -- The Origin of the Rivalry between Mr. Douglas -- and Mr. Lincoln.
CHAPTER X1V. -- Old Friends.
CHAPTER XV. -- The Secret History of Mrs. Lincoln's Wardrobe -- in New York .
APPENDIX. -- Letters from Mrs. Lincoln to Mrs. Keckley.