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    I.   Table of Contents     IN VAIN.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- II.


"The Angel
Who driveth away the demon band
Bids the din of battle cease.

O prisoned Soul, up in your turrets so high, look down
from thy windows to-day!
Dash down the rusty chains of old Error, and unbar the
iron doors,
Break the bonds of the Past on the anvil of the Present.
O give me some token for the music that I have sent
through your lonely chambers!
Wave but the tip of your white wing in greeting to the
Angel that I have Sent you!
Look forth on thy fellow Soul pausing at the gate!
List to the sound of his voice that rushes past the red
roof, and with unfurled wings, sweeps up its music
through the Ivory gates to thee!
No other song can thrill its echoes up to thy captive life.
For this Angel hath chilled the hot hand of Sin, and
crushed down the grave of the crimson eyes of the
The daylight looms up softly, and feathery Hope is on
O waiting Soul, come forth from your turrets, so lone and
Listen to the low sweet music of promise, rushing wildly
through floods of God-inspiration of love, up to Eternity
Tremble not at the bars. Come forth!
The tongue you fear sleeps in frozen silence, and doth thy
mighty secret keep.

    I.   Table of Contents     IN VAIN.