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    IN VAIN.   Table of Contents     II.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- I.


O FOOLISH tears, go back!
Learn to cover your jealous pride far down in the
nerveless heart that ye are voices for.
Your sobbings mar the unfinished picture that my trembling
life would fill up to greet its dawn.
I know, poor heart, that you are reaching up to a Love
that finds not all its demands in thy weak pulse.
And I know that you sob up your red tears to my face,
because--because-- others who care less for his dear Love
may, each day, open their glad eyes his lightest wish to
But, jealous heart, we will not give him from drops that
overflow thy rim.
We will fathom the mysteries of earth, of air and of sea,
to fill thy broad life with beauty, and then empty all its
very depths of light deep into his wide soul!

    IN VAIN.   Table of Contents     II.