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    IV.   Table of Contents     VI.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- V.


Souls for sale!
The wild cry awoke the god of ambition, that slumbered
in the bosom of Eros;
From out the tents he brought forth his shield and spear,
to see them smile back at the sun;
Clad in armor, he went forth to the cities of the world,
where brave men battle for glory, and souls are bartered
for gold.
Weeping and fearing, haggard and barefoot, I clung to him
with my fainting child.
Weary miles of land and water lay in their waste around
We reached the sea of the city.
Marble towers lifted their proud heads beyond the scope
of vision.
Wild music mingled with laughter.
The tramp of hoofs on the iron streets, and the cries of the
drowning, and the curses of the damned were all heard
in that Babel, where the souls of men can be bought
for gold.
All the air seemed dark with evil wings.
And all that was unholy threw their shadows everywhere,
Shadows on the good,
Shadows on the bad,
Shadows on the lowly,
Shadows on the lost!
All tossing upon the tide of rushing, restless destiny;
Upon all things written:
Souls for sale!
Lost Heart, lost Heart!

    IV.   Table of Contents     VI.