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    I.   Table of Contents     III.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- II.


Why did I die?
O Love! I waited-- I waited years and years ago.
Once the blaze of a far-off edge of living Love crept up
my horizon and promised a new moon of Poesy.
A soul's full life!
A soul's full love!
And promised that my voice should ring trancing
slivers of rapt melody down the grooves of this dumb
And promised that echoes should vibrate along the people
spheres of unfathomable seas, to the soundless folds
of the clouds.
And promised that I should know the sweet sisterhood
of the stars.
Promised that I should live with the crooked mean in
her eternal beauty.
But a Midnight swooped down to bridegroom the Day.
The blazing Sphynx of that far off, echoless promise,
shrank into a drowsy shroud that mocked the crying stars
of my souls unuttered song.
And so I died.
Died this uncoffined and unburied Death.
Died alone in the young May night.
Died with my fingers grasping the white throat of many
a prayer.

    I.   Table of Contents     III.