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    HEAR, O ISRAEL!   Table of Contents     II.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- I.


HEAR, O Israel! and plead my cause against the
ungodly nation!
'Midst the terrible conflict of Love and Peace, I
departed from thee, my people, and spread my tent of many
colors in the land of Egypt.
In their crimson and fine linen I girded my white form.
Sapphires gleamed their purple light from out the
darkness of my hair.
The silver folds of their temple foot-cloth was spread
beneath my sandaled feet.
Thus I slumbered through the daylight.
Slumbered 'midst the vapor of sin,
Slumbered 'midst the battle and din,
Wakened 'midst the strangle of breath,
Wakened 'midst the struggle of death!

    HEAR, O ISRAEL!   Table of Contents     II.