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    III.   Table of Contents     WHERE THE FLOCKS SHALL BE
  --  LED.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- IV.


Ye, who are kings, princes, priests, and prophets. Ye
men of Judah and bards of Jerusalem, hearken unto my
voice, and I will speak thy name, O Israel!
Fear not; for God hath at last let loose his thinkers,
and their voices now tremble in the mighty depths of this
old world!
Rise up from thy blood-stained pillows!
Cast down to dust the hideous, galling chains that bind
thy strong hearts down to silence!
Wear ye the badge of slaves?
See ye not the watch-fire?
Look aloft, from thy wilderness of thought!
Come forth with the signs and wonders, and thy strong
hands, and stretched-out arms, even as thou didst from
Courage, courage! Trampled hearts!
Look at these pale hands and frail arms, that have rent
asunder the welded chains that an army of the Philistines
bound about me!
But the God of all Israel set His seal of fire on my
breast, and lighted up, with inspiration, the soul that pants
for the Freedom of a nation!
With eager wings she fluttered above the blood-stained!
bayonet-points of the millions, who are trampling upon
the strong throats of God's people.
Rise up, brave hearts!
The sentry cries: "All's well!" from Hope's tower!
Fling out your banners of Right!
The watch fire grows brighter!
All's well! All's well!
Courage! Courage!
The Lord of Hosts is in the field,
The God of Jacob is our shield!

    III.   Table of Contents     WHERE THE FLOCKS SHALL BE
  --  LED.