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    I.   Table of Contents     III.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- II.


Soft, soft, he sleepeth well.
Why stand ye all so stern and sad?
So garmented in the dust and blood of battle?
Why linger on the field to-day? See how the dark
locks hang in bloody tangles about your glaring eyes!
Get ye to your silent tents, I pray!
See ye not your soldier-chief sleeps safe and well?
What say ye?
O blind, blind soldiers! Should I not know?
Have I not watched him all the long, long battle?
On this cold and sunless plain my tottering feet struck
the pathway to my soldier.
My loving arms have clasped him from the black,
hungry jaws of Death.
With the neglected sunshine of my hair I shielded his
pale face from the cannon-glare.
On my breast, as on a wave of heaven-light, have I
lulled him to the soft beauty of dreams.
He has been yours to-day; he is mine now.
He has fought bravely, and would sleep.
I know, I know.

    I.   Table of Contents     III.