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    II.   Table of Contents     IV.

Menken, Adah Isaacs

- III.


O soldiers, soldiers, take him not hence!
Do not press tears back into your pitiful eyes, and say:
"His soul hath found its rest."
Why learn ye on your blood-stained spears, and point to
that dark wound upon his throat?
I can kiss its pain and terror out.
Leave him, I pray ye!
He will wake to-morrow, and cheer ye in your tents at
And ye shall see him smile on her who soothes his
weary head to sleep through this long night.
It was I who found him at the battle's dreadful close.
Weary and wounded, he sank to rest upon the field.
Murmuring out his tender voice, he called my name,
and whispered of our love, and its sweet eternity.
'Mid brooding love and clinging kisses, his tender eyes
let down their silken barriers to the day.
Their pale roofs close out the defeat, and in my arms he
finds the joy of glorious victory.

    II.   Table of Contents     IV.