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    Questioning   Table of Contents     A Fragment

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Hidden Essence

Hidden Essence

Some gold lies veiled behind each evening cloud,
Some beauty hides in every quiet stream,
Some love entwines its tendrils round each soul,
With all the rare devotion of a dream.

Some rose looks forth from ev'ry curled bud,
Some note drifts warbling to the last one's need,
Some song thrills deeply ev'ry woodbird's heart,
Some dew-soft incense haloes each true deed.

Some azure-winged Hope with starry gaze,
Floats viewless near, when joy begins to wane;
Some lustrous tint through each tear-prism gleams,
Some peace reposes 'neath each torturing pain.

    Questioning   Table of Contents     A Fragment