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    Sea Cadences   Table of Contents     Sky Picture

Ray, H. Cordelia

- A Thought on Lake Ontario

A Thought on Lake Ontario

The lucent lake was lit with sheen,
Shining the crested waves between,
And through the purpling air
The young birds trilled their lightsome lays,
To join the hymn of Nature's praise,
And earth was passing fair.

The summer sky was liquid blue,
The lake's deep gleam, a sapphire hue
Of gem-like radiance rare;
It seemed a quiet dream of rest,
The billows on its mighty breast
Swayed in accordant prayer.

I deem Apollo ne'er had! seen
More wondrous depths of glist'ning sheen,
Than thine, O dreamy lake!
Nor has his lyre swept the deep,
Wherein more magic shadows sleep,
Than those thy ripples wake.

No Triton in the rosy dawn,
Blew sweeter music on his horn,
Than thy soft melody;
No Nereid seeking ocean caves,
Blew lighter foam across the waves
Of the impassioned sea.

When glist'ning in the sunset-rose
Thy tinted waves suggest repose,
All troubled yearnings cease;
When life is discord and unrest,
We come to seek upon thy breast,
A hint of perfect peace.

    Sea Cadences   Table of Contents     Sky Picture