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    On the Rapids of the St. Lawrence   Table of Contents     Our Task

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Voices of the Rain

Voices of the Rain

Hear the dreary, dreary rain,
Beating 'gainst the window pane!
Causing little ones to shiver,
Causing aged forms to wither,
Murm'ring through the dying ember,
Making fireless homes more somber.
O the dreary, dreary rain!

Hear the cheerful, cheerful rain,
Laughing through the golden grain!
Waking cowslips in the meadow
Which the stately oaks o'ershadow;
Fanning soft the fainting flowers
That have dropped their heads for hours.
O the cheerful, cheerful rain!

Hear the tearful, tearful rain
Sobbing o'er the battle-plain!
Where the warrior fought in glory,
Where death closed life's tangled story
Teardrops kiss his matted tresses,
Tears, instead of love's caresses.
O the tearful, tearful rain!

Hear the music of the rain,
In the brook and stormy main!
On the roof it softly patters,
Tones concordant far it scatters.
Children tucked away to slumber,
Hear its notes and count their number.
Pretty music of the rain!

Hear the solemn, solemn rain,
Moaning o'er the burial plain!
Chanting low a dirge, and sighing
For the loved so missed in dying.
When above them flowers are paling,
Hear its sad, monot'nous wailing.
O the solemn, solemn rain!

    On the Rapids of the St. Lawrence   Table of Contents     Our Task