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    At Christmas-tide   Table of Contents     Prayer

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Broken Heart

Broken Heart

Ah blow! thou art the last, the last!
Grief cannot harm me any more.
I'm weary now that hope is past,
My heart is broken at the core,
Ay, at the core.

Then call me henceforth, Broken Heart!
It is the name most meet for woe.
Since I can ne'er with Sorrow part,
I care no other name to know.
Ah! call me so.

I never thought my life would be
All poisoned by a fatal dart,
But now no joy can rescue me.
Yes! call me ever Broken Heart,
Sad Broken Heart.

Jesus says, "Broken Heart be mine;
I'll take thee, shattered as thou art.
Come rest upon my Love Divine,
Come weary, weary Broken Heart,
Never to part.

"The world has wounded, Heaven will not;
Life sore has pricked thee, Broken Heart,
Her page is dark with many a blot.
Alas! thy bitt'rest tears will start,
Poor Broken Heart!

"Then come, O wherefore wouldst thou wait?
Carry thy cross and follow on.
I am thy portion, early, late;
Haste Broken Heart, this very morn,
This happy morn.

"Sweet peace I give thee, Broken Heart,
'Twill be a cure for ev'ry woe.
None e'er has loved thee, Broken Heart,
As I have loved thee long ago,
Ah no! ah no!

"Does earth still weave her subtle charm?
Oh! will thou not with Sorrow part
For soothing, everlasting balm?
Do I suffice thee, Broken Heart?
Speak, Broken Heart!"

"Yes, Jesus, Thou art all I need,
I'll gladly rise and follow Thee.
Life sore has pricked me, made me bleed,
But now Thy Child I am to be,
Yes! Thine to be".

"Ay, dearest child, my blood for thee
Will heal thy heart's poor broken core;
My blood that floweth full and free,
Will in thy soul rich blessings pour,

"Then hold my hand, dear Healèd Heart!
I'll lead thee to thy home and then
We never, nevermore shall part."
"O Jesus, hear my soul's Amen,
Amen, Amen!"

    At Christmas-tide   Table of Contents     Prayer