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    Broken Heart   Table of Contents     Shadow and Sunshine

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Prayer


O Christ, who in Gethsemane
Didst all alone in anguish pray,
"Father, if it be possible,
Let this cup, Father, pass away,"--

O holy Christ, who rose serene,
Sublime in victory to cry,
"Not as I will, but as Thou wilt!"
Let us in faith on Thee rely.

Did not the stars in far off space,
Upon their silver axes pause
To hear those words? Was not the air
Calmed by the myst'ry and its cause?

O Christ, veiled in Humanity!
O Victor over deepest woe!
When we, like Thee, endure the pain,
Let us, like Thee, submission know.

Grant us a vict'ry like the Thine,
O'er all the storms that rage within.
Teach us, O Christ, we humbly pray,
The trust that fain would conquer sin.

And when life's discords all are hushed,
Blended in perfect harmony,
Call us, O pitying Son of God,
Take us, O blessed Christ, to Thee!

    Broken Heart   Table of Contents     Shadow and Sunshine