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    Prayer   Table of Contents     Soul Incense

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Shadow and Sunshine

Shadow and Sunshine

Poor heart, unsatisfied!
Poor soul, trying and tried!
Trying to reach the goal,
And tried art thou, O soul,
In all thy ways.

Seeking where'er it be,
Something to solace thee;
Choosing whatever part,
Unfilled art thou, O heart,
Through length of days.

Wherefore these shadows sent?
Wherefore these hours of Lent?
Wherefore the rugged rock,
The fire, the stumbling block,
The vale of tears?

Earth's gilded pleasures lure;
Canst share them and endure
True to thy nobler self,
Soul, with thy mine of wealth,
For many years?

Listen! discouraged heart,
Loath with thy pain to part;
Hear, O sad, tearful soul,
Seeking the radiant goal,
Christ's holy plea.

"Thy strength e'en weakness is;
Perfect in Me thou liv'st.
I am the Way, the Truth,
Come without further proof,
Come unto Me!"

Rest thou shalt find and peace,
And joys that never cease;
Light o'er the mountain comes,
Voices from distant homes
Echo the song.

When most despondent ye,
Louder the voice shall be;
Bliss-crowned the radiant goal
Sought by thee, sorrowing soul,
So long, so long!

    Prayer   Table of Contents     Soul Incense