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    Shadow and Sunshine   Table of Contents     SONNETS

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Soul Incense

Soul Incense

As round the rose's heart the golden threads
Of summer sunshine gently wind themselves,
And deeper, richer grows the native tinge,
More beauteous in its kindling loveliness,
So round the human heart unconsciously
The tendrils gold of love entwine themselves,
And make it sweeter, richer, holier far
Than 'twas before; and as on deep'ning blooms
The gaze of man delights to rest awhile,
So on the heart lit by love's radiant glow,
The angels look with glance serene and pure.
As unseen dews descend and softly rest,
Like to a jewel, upon each green spray,
And leave it sparkling with unwonted sheen,
E'en so the unseen dews of sweet content
And holy consecretion, crystal beads,
Of many a lowly soul the shadows dim
Illume, and like the balmy breath of morn,
Make it resplendent with the changing gleam,
Of priceless jewels,--stars within the soul.

As lightly dripping rain the fragrance woos,
Alike of blossoms waking to the sun
And blooms mature, that through the silent grove,
Their fresh bath o'er--rock in the cooling breeze
And make it redolent with fragrance rare,
So deeds in silence done and kind words said,
The influence of a pure and holy life
Shed on each pathway their aroma rare.

As birds uplift their gorgeous-tinted wings,
Rich as the purple flush of autumn days,
And seek the mellow climes of orange bow'rs
Ere uncongenial gales their plumage beat,
So from the harsh, forbidding sons of men,
Whose ears are not attuned; to catch her song,
The child with spirit sensitive and rapt,
Turns lovingly to those whose sympathy,
Like chords responsive, catch the sweet refrain,
And send it throbbing back, a silver link,
Uniting kindred souls in union blest.

    Shadow and Sunshine   Table of Contents     SONNETS