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    Incompleteness   Table of Contents     Niobe

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Self-Mastery


To catch the spirit in its wayward flight
Through mazes manifold, what task supreme!
For when to floods has grown the quiet stream,
Much human skill must aid its rage to fight;
And when wild winds invade the solemn night,
Seems not man's vaunted power but a dream?
And still more futile, ay, we e'en must deem
This quest to tame the soul, and guide aright
Its restless wanderings,-- to lure it back
To shoals of calm. Full many a moan and sigh
Attend the strife; till, effort merged in prayer,
Oft uttered, clung to-- when of strength the lack
Seems direst-- brings the answer to our cry:
A gift from Him who lifts our ev'ry care.

    Incompleteness   Table of Contents     Niobe