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    The Siren Bird   Table of Contents     Love's Vista

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Reunited


Sang a maiden in a meadow;
O so lonely though so fair;
And her plaintive carol fluttered
Like, a psalm along the air.

Soon a youth came gaily tripping,
Full of fawn-like, airy grace;
And he heard the maiden singing,
And he looked in her sweet face.

In her lovely face so mournful,
Where her star-eyes gleamed with tears,
And he said: "Fair maid, take comfort!
For I've loved thee many years,

"Oft thou camest like a vision,
Flinging wide thy golden hair,
While thine eyes, so sweet, so holy,
Seemed to make for me a prayer.

"Long I've sought thee in the meadow,
List'ning ever, for thy song;
Thou art she, that radiant vision,
To each other we belong."

Light he tripped along the mountains,
With the maiden by the hand;
And I heard her joyous carol
Echoing through the summer land.

    The Siren Bird   Table of Contents     Love's Vista