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    Love's Vista   Table of Contents     Recompensed?

Ray, H. Cordelia

- My Spirit's Complement

My Spirit's Complement

Thy life that touched the edges of my life,
All glistening and moist with sunlit dew.
They touched, they paused--then drifted wide apart,
Each gleaming with a rare prismatic hue.

'Twas but a touch! the edges of a life
Alone encolored with the rose, yet la!
Each fibre started into strange unrest,
And then was stilled, lulled to a rhythmic flow

Perchance our spirits clasp on some fair isle,
Bright with the sheen of reveries divine;
Or list'ning to such strains as chant the stars,
In purest harmony their tendrils twine.

God grant our souls may meet in paradise,
After the mystery of life's sweet pain;
And find the strange prismatic hues of earth
Transmuted to the spotless light again.

    Love's Vista   Table of Contents     Recompensed?