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    Boat Song   Table of Contents     QUATRAINS

Ray, H. Cordelia

- Cuckoo Song

Cuckoo Song

Cuckoo, glad cuckoo, Oh! where wilt thou rest to-night.
Cuckoo, fly southward and find a new nest to-night.
Birds that are roaming
Far 'mid the gloaming,
Hie to their leafy home

When they have ceased to roam.
But where is thine,
Ay, and where mine?

Hesperus, silver star, glow in the West to-night?
Restless I wander and cannot find rest to-night.
Golden thou gleamest,
And ever seemest
Like eye of seraph fair,
Lone in the radiant air.
Fair evening Queen,
What may it mean?

There's a sweet singing bird comes to my breast to-night,
Fluttering strangely, builds there a nest to-night.
Cuckoo, hast sent him,
And swift wings lent him?
Hesperus, sunset star!
Comes he from thee afar?
Love is his name,
Me shall he claim?

    Boat Song   Table of Contents     QUATRAINS