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    MEDITATIONS   Table of Contents     MEDITATION I.

Stewart, Maria.



Tell me no more of earthly toys,
Of sensual mirth and carnal joys,
For these are trifling things.

Once more I am about to make a feeble effort, in presenting the meditations of my heart before my friends and the public. I am sensible that my writings show forth the want of knowledge, and that they are scarce worthy of a perusal. But as I have said before, I say again, such knowledge as God giveth to me, impart to you.

The author has, as it were, upon the one hand, basked in the sunshine of prosperity; and, on the other, she has drunk deep in the cup of sorrow.

Never did I realize, till I was forced to, that it was from God I derived every earthly to blessing, and that it was God who had a right to take, them away. I found it almost impossible to say "Thy will be done." It now one year since Christ first spoke peace to my troubled soul. Soon after I presented myself before the Lord in the holy ordinance of baptism, my soul became filled with holy meditation and sublime ideas; and my ardent wish and desire have ever

been, that I might become a humble instrument in the hands of God, of winning some poor souls to Christ. Though I am sensible that Paul may plant, and Apollos water, but that God alone giveth the increase, through Christ strengthening me I can do all things; without him I can do nothing.

It appears to me that because sin abounds, the love of many has waxed cold; and I cannot believe that God would have so long withheld the divine influences of his Holy Spirit from this people, had the professing followers of Christ more faithfully defended the cause of their blessed Lord and Master; for he has said that he will inquired of by the house of Israel, to do those things for them that they need. I have borrowed much of my language from the holy Bible. During the years of childhood and youth, it was the book that I mostly studied; and now, while my hands are toiling for their daily sustenance, my heart is most generally meditating upon its divine truths. I am more and more convinced that the cause of Christ will never be built up, Satan's kingdom will never be destroyed" the chains of slavery and ignorance will never burst, and morality and virtue will never flourish, till pure and holy examples are set home, and the professing followers of Christ arise and shine forth, and prove to the world that there is a reality in religion, and a beauty in the fear of the Lord.


    MEDITATIONS   Table of Contents     MEDITATION I.