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    PRAYER.   Table of Contents     MEDITATION IV.

Stewart, Maria.



My friends, I have been brought to consider that it is because the Lord he is God, that I have not been consumed. It is because that his tender compassion fails not, that I am not now in hell lifting up my eyes in torments, where the worm dieth not, and where the fire is not quenched. And I cannot help but exclaim, glory to God that I am yet a prisoner of hope. I rejoice that I have been formed a rational and accountable creature, and that ever I was born to be born again. I rejoice that the Lord God omnipotent reigneth, and that have searches the hearts and tries the reins of the children of linen. When I sin, I feel that I have an advocate with the Father, even Jesus Christ the righteous, who was in all points tempted like unto ourselves, yet without sin. He knows what sore temptations mean, for he has felt the same; and with his supporting grace, I am determined to resist the lusts of the world, the flesh and the devil, and to fight the good fight of faith, and win the crown and by my Father's side sit down. Choose ye this day, therefore, whom ye will serve; but as for me, I am determined to serve the Lord.

    PRAYER.   Table of Contents     MEDITATION IV.