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    MEDITATION III   Table of Contents     PRAYER

Stewart, Maria.



Afflicted saints to Christ draw near,
The Saviour's gracious promise heave"
His gracious words declare to thee,
That as thy days, thy strength shall be.

Why art thou cast down, O my soul, and why art thou disquited within me? Hope thou in God; for I shall yet praise him. Have just returned

from church-meeting. Did not perceive that Christian spirit of fellowship which ought to exist. Is there an Achan among us, O God, who has done the accursed thing? or it there a Jonah among us, who had refused to obey thy will? If not, why hast thou so long bid thy face from us? for we are consumed by thine anger, and by thy wrath are give troubled. Return again unto us, O Lord God, we beseech thee, and open the eyes of our understanding, that we may see wherein we have sinned against thee. O God, we have robbed thee, in not presenting thee the first offering of our hearts. O turn away from us thy fierce anger, and pardon this our iniquity, and lift upon us more the light of thy reconciled countenance, and give joy of thy salvation. Have met with an earthly disappointment. Am somewhat disheartened--Naked came I forth from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither. The Lord share, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. O my soul, labor not for the meat that perisheth, but for that which endureth unto life eternal. Lord, thou hast chastened me sore; but though thou hast caused me to fall, thou has not utterly taken from me thy loving kindness; but thou hast dealt in tender mercy and compassion with me. I adore thee, praise thee, and bless thee Parent of mercies, for thy patience and forbearance with me; for hadst thou left me to myself, where would my mad career have ended? Parent of mercies, give me calm submission for thy holy will, in all things; for those hast said, that as thy day is, so shall thy strength be.

    MEDITATION III   Table of Contents     PRAYER