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    MEDITATION XII.   Table of Contents     MEDIATION XIII.

Stewart, Maria.



Almighty God, it is the glorious hope of a blessed immortality beyond the grave, that supports thy children through this vale of tears. Forever blessed be thy name, that thou hast implanted

this hope in my bosom. If thou hast indeed plucked my soul as a brand from the burning, it is not because thou hast seen any worth in me; but it is because of thy distinguishing mercy, for mercy is thy darling attribute, and thou delightest in mercy, and art not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. Clothe my soul with humility as with a garment. Grant that I may bring forth the fruits of a meek and quiet spirit. Enable me to adorn the doctrines of God my Saviour, by a well regulated life and conversation. May I become holy, even as thou art holy, and pure, even as thou art pure. Bless all my friends and benefactors: those who have given me a cup of cold water in thy name, the Lord reward them. Forgive all my enemies. May I love them that hate me, and pray for them that despitefully use and persecute me. Preserve me from slanderous tongues, O God, and let not my good be evil spoken of. Let not a repining thought enter my heart, nor a murmuring sigh heave from my bosom. But may I cheerfully year with all the trials of life. Clothe me with the pure robes of Christ's righteousness, that when he shall come in flaming fire to judge the world, I may appear before him with joy and not with great and not only for myself do I ask these blessings, but for all the sons and daughters of Adam, as then art no respecter of persons, and as all distinctions wither in the grave. Grant all prejudices and animosities may cease from among men. May we all realize that promotion cometh not from
the East nor from the West, but that it is God that putteth up one and setteth down another. May the rich be rich in faith and good words towards our Lord Jesus Christ, and may the poor have an inheritance among the saints in light, a crown incorruptible that fadeth not away, eternal in the heavens. And now what wait we for? Be pleased to grant that we may at last join with all the Israel of God, in celebrating thy praises.
    MEDITATION XII.   Table of Contents     MEDIATION XIII.